Chad’s Blog


Hi, I’m Chad.

I am a husband and father.

I started my professional career as a 3D animator, working mostly in game development. I’ve had a diverse path along the years. Moving to technical roles, then production, then Agile Development. Now by day, I teach, mentor, and coach in spaces that have nothing to do with animation.

I have a small coaching practice where I guide and support creative people to find and build what they were always longing for. Email me if you want to have a chat about that.

Since covid hit, have done some 2D hand drawn animation. Now, I’m falling in love with stop motion animation and filmmaking again.

Also, I write and perform comedy. As a standup, I stand on a stage and tell absurd stories to strangers. And I perform with others in Sketches as well. It’s so fun.

On this blog you’ll find posts about animation, comedy, and the occasional photo, thought, or sketchnote I make along the way.