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Come see maine’s fourth or fifth best sketch comedy group this Valentines day at St. Lawrence Arts in Portland, Maine!

Sketch Comedy show

Some recent adventures in weird analog photography.

Added some color correction…

I’m self critical to a fault (see what I did there?). on the web doesnt have spell check. it doesnt auto capitalize the first word in a sentence. ive seen this on Ipad and iphone, across multipke versions of ios and devices. @manton is that a known issue?

HashTag random out of context texts I send to knowledgabe friends “Should I switch to Y up or stay Z up like a filthy animal?

This is not my best animation work. Far from it. But considering I haven’t touched 3D animation in 5 years, and that I spent less than 30 minutes on this while using Blender for the first time I can’t complain much about it. I miss animation.

I wrote about absurdity.

I suppose one could say that The Menu was a rich, decadent, and biting satire.

I’ll get my hat and show myself to the door.

Come have some laughs! tix and details!

Weeknotes, 2023 W02

Weeknotes, 2023 W02

Can I get some help from the philosophy gang?

I’m trying to distill some of the schools of Philosophy into what people in each school believe and how they react. I don’t think this is quite right. Can someone help out?

If there is no intrinsic meaning to life (or we can’t know it):

Second City, Writing 1, Session 1

Well the first session of the Writing 1 course from Second City just wrapped up. Really good group of folks, some with exereince, some just trying to do something that scares them. I really love that. It was a good meet and greet, and overview of what’s to come. We learned a couple techniques to brainstorm ideas. I’m here for it. :D

If I didn’t write that “bad” thing, I would not have have an idea that might be a “good” thing.

Weeknotes, 2023 W01

Well, I suppose I’m watching this over and over now ……

It begins.

One of my Aims for 2023 is to write more. More comedy, some fiction, and all about creativity, mindfulness, and growth. Hence I’m rebooting my newsletter. I’d love to welcome you to the conversation…

Currently reading: The Woman in the Library by Sulari Gentill 📚

I don’t know if the “hook” at the end of the first chapter is “good” or “bad”. I do know that I love it.

You could become both three times bigger or fifty times smaller at will. Which do you think you would spend more time as, big you or small you? Why?

🎥 Movie notes: Bad Words

I listened to the Scriptnotes podcast on Learning from Movies as a screen writer. These were some of the suggested questions for reflection on a film.

I’ve chosen the film Bad Words as I watched it recently. No spoilers. And this isn’t really a review, it’s more my thoughts about the film.

What’s working in it for me?

What’s not working for me?

If it’s not working why is it not working?

What could you have done differently in that movie to make it click?

Who is the hero is in this story and what the function of that hero?

What they want? Both on a macro scale, the overall arc of their journey through the story, but on a micro level. On a scene-by-scene, moment-by-moment do you understand what that hero wants?

And if you do how is that being communicated? What information are they giving you to let you know what that hero wants?

How does the antagonist arrive in the story?

How do they challenge the hero?

How quickly and how well does the film establish who is important and what they’re going after?