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Just go watch some birds

Twenty years ago, I was sharing some self doubt with a friend. I said I don’t think I’ll be able to animate this bird, as I don’t understand physiologically how a bird moves. And how I should have studied that more.

My friend Jorma is wise, and a hell of an animator. He said… “You could just watch some birds to understand how they move”.

That really stuck with me back then. As an animator you have to opportunity to study so much. The ways animals move and behave. Including human animals, the most unpredictable of all.

Years after that, another bird issue came up for me. I was working on the technical aspects of animation. The process generally known as “rigging”. It’s the preparation of 3D characters so that they may be later animated. It’s like making a virtual puppet.

Anyway, I had to make the bird puppet for someone to animate. I was fiddling with the legs. They just didn’t feel right. I had the point of articulation at the bottom of the belly, where the leg “started” or so I thought.

I looked at some skeletons of birds as reference, and wow was I off. Look at how high the “hip” joint of a bird is!

The leg just doesn’t just come out of the belly!

When you want to learn something, you get to do some research. You don’t already have to know everything. Thanks Jorma for introducing me to the growth mindset, let alone how to learn about animation.

“You could just go watch some birds to see how they move”.

What a nice day in central New Hampshire.

I saw Tenacious D in concert last night. Wow, to be able to commit to their comedy performances so deeply, and be great musicians for so long really is amazing. What a show.

The beginning of the beginning.

The path is made by walking.

Thanks @chrisjwilson for bringing this quote into my life. I think about it daily.

Hello @odd I really like the design of your site “Keeping it Integer”. Did you start with the Kiko theme and customize it?

Submitted without comment.

As we sat around the campfire last night, we thought we saw a UFO. This morning after some googling, we think it was the starlink launch that happened yesterday. Kinda relieved and disappointed

Lomo sprocket rocket.

Hey Portland Maine people! Let’s get the lols! 8/24 at St. Lawrence Arts!

Learned a couple things when adding highlights. Make a layer, set it to 20% or so opacity. Paint with a soft airbrush. The I used the smudge tool. But I realize just today that you can choose a brush for the smudge tool. Just like any other brush. 🥳must tinker more later!

Found a better (for me) technique for shading and highlights. Make a layer, set it to 20-ish percent opacity, and paint it black/dark color. Don’t mess with blending modes at all. Same process but white/light color for highlights. Still tinkering with highlights.

I’ve got the draw over with pencil working ok. Not sure I like the brush I’m using and the layer management hurts my brain. I’ve got to do some more studying on that. May the force be with you. Always.

I’m writing and performing some sketch comedy for a show in Portland, Maine. 8/24! It’s going to be a blast! details

Tinkering with digital painting again…

I changed my username from dahc back to chadgmoore. I can’t leave anything alone for ten minutes, folks. lol.


The premise of the premortem is this: Right before you begin a project, have a meeting with your team and pretend it’s near the end of that project. It’s is a complete disaster. An epic failure. Embarrassing. The Worst Project Ever. Ask everyone to write down some potential reasons why.

Read them aloud, one by one. Make plans to burn down those risks.

But this is more than Risk Analysis. It’s a chance for everyone to be heard, and for discovery that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. It moves up the things no one wants to say from the end, where it’s too late, and there’s a lot of friction.

Check out Daniel Kahneman’s talk.



You may be hearing a lot of people talking about ‘reframing’ these days. In my opinion reframing is one of the single best skills you can learn.

What is reframing?

You take a situation, a thought, or a problem that is ahead of you and figure out how to rephrase it to make it an opportunity.

Corporate Bullshit? Yes, and it works in many aspects of life. In and out of the office.

The new stoics call this “Amor Fati”.

Treating each and every moment—no matter how challenging—as something to be embraced, not avoided. To not only be okay with it, but love it and be better for it. So that like oxygen to a fire, obstacles and adversity become fuel for your potential.

More here.

Consultants, strategists, and other strategic professionals teach folks to use “How Might We” statements to reframe.

  • Problem: We can’t hire enough senior level developers!
  • Reframe: How Might We hire more senior level developers?

The former is a problem, the latter is the beginning of a plan. The former is closed, the latter is open. The former shuts down ideas, the latter allows creation of ideas.

I am inspired and astounded at the personal journey of Coyote Jackson.

He reframed his desire to “lose 100 pounds” to creation of “the mind, body and being of an athlete”.

He lost the weight, and created so many things within himself. The weight loss was the outcome of the mindsets and behavior changes.

How to reframe

If you want something for yourself, or the project you’re working on, ask yourself what are the problems?

Write them down as you normally would. Then, think through them in the How Might I/We format. You now have experiments to think though.

Simple, but not easy perhaps. It’s a mindset change. Try just one. I’d love to hear what you think of the reframing.

Are you or can you be in Bath, Maine on Thursday August 4th? Some really funny people are performing and they are dragging me with them too.

As they said on the Simpsons a long time ago- if you miss this you better be dead. Or in jail. and if you’re in jail - break out!…

Process + Prioritization = Productivity.

Practice makes progress.