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My first Racket! Arrival, Sitting on the side of a Highway, and the Vertical Breath.

I’m interested in this new audio tool. Anyone else interested in trying it? 9 minute recording constraint, no editing, and apparently it’s easy to invite and get people into conversations.…

Here’s a timelapse of the surise this morning. 5 minutes conpressed to 2 seconds.

I was lucky enough to see another beautiful sunrise this morning.

I was lucky enough to see another sunrise. At first I thought, this one isn’t as beautiful as yesterdays. Then I thought, yes it is, it’s just a different color palate.

I was lucky enough to see another great sunrise today.

What are you going to make today?

The Funkbuster comes out via my newsletter tomorrow. It’s a fun and weird exercise to change your mood/bust out of a funk.

Redesigning my website/blog thingy. Feedback appreciated.

My personal subject matter expertise is in helping other people gain expertise in their subject matters of interest. What challenges do you have?

Try The Funkbuster! coming soon…

I’ve got another standup performance scheduled for August 2nd in Portsmouth. If you’re in town then, come stop by to see my set (along with at least 5 other awesome performers).

Think of it this way, you can either laugh with me as my set is spectacular, or laugh at me because my set is whatever you think the opposite of spectacular is. More details soon.

Also, this is the class that I took to prepare for a five minute standup set. I could not recommend it more. It was an amazing learning experience and I laughed my ass off with amazingly fun people. (They also have a teen class)

Isles vs. The sea chickens playing dress-up in their dad’s tuxedos today. LGI! NHL Playoffs! 🏒

We’re having a passionate fake argument in the house regarding pencils. I’m firmly in the fabercastle camp. Other family members are advocating for ticoneronga and it’s like I don’t even know them anymore.

Your future is not already written, nor is it waiting for you. You have to go make it.

Currently reading: Think Like a Monk - The secret of how to harness the power of positivity by Jay Shetty 📚

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Happy ninth birthday doodle.

Digital Gardening

I recently put together a digital garden. It’s not a blog, but more of an interconnected set of ideas, some of which roll up to themes.

Take a look at Where Light Gathers and check out the graph on the bottom of any entry. These kinds of tools and graphical representations really lay out the landscape of the things one thinks about, and how they think about them.

Anyone else out there a digital gardener? If you’re not but you might want to be, let me know, I’ll be happy to share what I know. And I’d love to spend some time in your garden too.

If you want to dig right in, try Obsidian, Notion, or Roam Research, or if you’re more code friendly, try these instructions:…

Mine is built with the latter setup, combined with these instructions:…

My setup is more technical, but costs zero dollars, not including the domain I already own. The other options vary by price and technical complexity.

Knowledge graphs are lovely. Always a work in progress…

At the suggestion from @ChrisJWilson I’ve started a digital visual garden. Where Light Gathers.