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So many tools and techniques for being more productive focus on efficiency. Do more. Do it faster. Tie these things together to reduce clicks! What’s focused on being more effective ? Tools are boring. Process is interesting.

I don’t think I like the phrase “_Burn the Ships_”. I believe it is a part of colonialism that killed many indigenous people. (I need to research this). I’ve heard the phrase used in the workplace. Yuck.

Anyway, I’m considering leaving behind a lot in my digital life. Things that got me to where I am now, but I don’t want to have the option to return to.

Sometimes I really do sound like Perd Hapley.

I’ve learned the idea, or more accurately had the concept reinforced that one should keep each post you write to one idea. So that’s the idea of this post, and the previous couple.

The only true clear thing we have is the right now. The past is our opinion of what has already happened. The future is our ideas of what might happen.

I’m having a lot of trouble figuring out a hobby. Something I do just to do, without the idea that I have to turn it into a side hustle. Or to gain some kind of status from. I’m wondering if that’s one of the things that keeps me from committing to the things I might want to do as a hobby. I’m looking at you Bass Guitar sitting over near my desk.

Just sent issue four of my newsletter. The previous three had a long list of curated links and some of my commentary. This time, I challenged myself to flip that. One link and more of my words.

I finally finished the all the episodes in Legion. The first season was the strongest of the three, in my opinion. But what a great artistic expression. Art direction, costume, casting, score, cinematography, editing, writing and performance were all aces. It’s a gem.

Goodbye, twitter.

If this new “write with the pencil in any text field, and the software will make text out of it” feature of the next iPadOS is the real deal, I think I can challenge myself to delete every app other than these…

Here are my articles on low-ish cost & excellent services for folks to use to make websites and blogs. 5 posts & over 10 minutes of video on, carrd, blot, and more. Hope this helps people start something online.

In one of the previous issues of my newsletter, I noted a series of articles I wrote on low cost tools to get yourself online. Hope these are helpful for folks looking to build themselves an online place to express themselves.

The Mastermind Failure Club book is free today on Kindle. It’s a great short read on how to setup a group of creative people to talk ideas, strategy and embrace failure for growth. And why all that might matter to you. I just started my own, and am already blown away by the idea and practice.

Celebrated our 19 year wedding anniversary with a great hike on Mt Agamenticas in southern Maine today. Thank you, Emily for being my everything.

Sprint 001 Review

I’ve decided to formalize my Agile/Scrum process for how I handle the side hustles, and my personal to-dos.

Huh? OK, first some terminology. Agile development or mindset is a software development mindset. It started as a manifesto and set of principles as a reaction to the traditional software development models back in 2001 or so.

Lots of larger companies and Startups are adopting Agile, or a version of it. For software development, and other efforts as well.

I’ve been using Agile on the job since 2002 or so. The benefits for teams is that it allows a focus on what’s truly important. Agile requires and promotes a growth mindset.

Scrum is a framework for Agile. There are several others, but Scrum is the most popular, I think. Scrum’s key components is the Timebox (traditionally two weeks) called the Sprint. You plan the Sprint, do the work, Review the work with the people that care about it, and then the team, in private, reflects on the Sprint in an effort to continuously improve (Growth Mindset, fits).

So, I’ll just leave all that there, happy to talk more about Agile if you want to send me an email.

Personal Agile

So recently I’ve been acting more on the side hustles in my life. Trying to focus on some of my ideas to get them shipped. Lot’s of reasons why, which maybe other blog posts will explain. I don’t dislike my day job, but why have all your eggs in one basket? Plus there’s so much to learn and ways to help others with small projects. See Anything You Want by Derek Sivers for The Money Tree by Chris Guillebeau for more.

So I started a Sprint on June second. I took stock of all the things in flight, or on todo lists, and moved them into the Mac and iOS app Things. Things is a powerful task management / todo app. I’m purposefully not using many of it’s features for this (long story). But I went with it as I like the interaction models and ux. It looks like this:

The Sprint Review

After I pulled in the “stories” aka todo’s for the Sprint. I put some time into figuring out what the goal of the Sprint should be. The Sprint Goal is traditionally the one thing that must get done in the Sprint.

My goals were:

Soft launch of Small Agile, New Website for Rigging Dojo

Small Agile is a new service I’m tinkering with (happy to take your feedback!) and Rigging Dojo is an online school I confounded ten years ago. We teach the technical aspects of computer animation. I used to work in the animation and video game business.

Here’s the review… I did manage to “soft launch” Small Agile. I was uncomfortable doing so as it’s not perfect in terms of copy on the website. Is it clear enough? And I didn’t create the supporting content (microcasts and newsletter) yet. But why do that work if it’s not clear? I thought I should work on that first, before doing the lengthy recording and writing tasks. I did manage to setup the accounts and infrastructure. So once the clarity is there, I can jump in and get the content going, as and if needed.

For Rigging Dojo, we use wordpress to manage our main, public facing site. I really want to move away from it, but we’re so entrenched after ten years, it’ll be hard to do so.

Anyway, we wanted a better theme - for readability and to do some better surfacing of our content to serve specific peoples needs. I was able to get the first part done in this Sprint. The site is much better from a readability / design point of view, and the groundwork is there for the surfacing of our content to our types of users.

In Sprint reviews teams traditionally go over the successes they had, and talk about where they fell short of meeting the sprint goal.

- Soft launch of Small Agile
- New theme for Rigging Dojo
- Infrastructure for Small Agile content in place
- Rigging Dojo website experience design is well defined

- Small Agile content is not created as it would have been unwise to do that if the service isn’t clear, and this would have sacrificed time spent on the Rigging Dojo site
- The Rigging Dojo site redesign didn’t happen as I just ran out of time and energy


Here’s a look at my self reflection for this Sprint.

I’ve built a service for solo developers and small teams. Anyone interested in how Design Thinking and “Agile” might help you out? See Small Agile. This is free at the moment, as I’d like feedback on if this is helpful. Looking to learn and serve before figuring out costs.

I’ve started thinking about my side hustles and personal todos in a personal Agile/Scrum kinda way and am using Things to track it. What has become of me?

Thinking about one of the teams I work for and one of their most common mantras.

Just wrapped up the first (of hopefully many) session of our new Mastermind Failure Club.


It was great to meet the group and hear about their creative projects. I got some fantastic feedback on my latest project too. I can’t wait to show everyone my progress in the next meeting.

My newsletter just went out. This issue is about bigger tables, gatekeepers, and masterminds - among other things. Hope you’ll join the conversation.


I posted this to Facebook this morning.

There’s a place I visit, a little too often. It’s free to get into and I sometimes see and talk with friends there. It’s also loud, and full of things that make me feel bad about myself, for a variety of reasons.

The person who runs this place also lets people who have ill will towards others and the tools to do great physical harm to them congregate and recruit freely.

This someone doesn’t care that the person who currently runs all the places purposely stokes the flames of the things that are the worst of us all.

This place also notes everything I do there. Everything I look at, and interact with. It hears every conversation I have. Also, it tries (and succeeds mostly) to understand everything I do when I’m not even there.

Some say that this place is a great way to advocate for what you believe in. But I have observed differently. When I’m vocal about things I care about (beyond dad and poop jokes) I get reinforced via the echo chamber or fights over mindsets and points of view. Not real conversation.

There are other, better ways to advocate. I’m taking more steps in that regard.

Sometimes when I’m at this place, I have great conversations with people I care about. Most times I just see shit I don’t want to, and because I’m being manipulated I can’t stop myself from looking. Maybe I’m just weak.

There’s this other place that I have to pay 5 bucks a month to get into that has none of the above. None of what I think is bad. But also none of the people I know in real life. But the conversations are good and I’m building real relationships there. I feel good when I enter, leave and even think about that place.

I also have my own tiny place. If you’re reading this consider yourself invited. It’s free and you can come and go as you please.

I’m going to permanently leave the first place soon. I’ll miss conversations with people I care about. I’ll try to be better about reaching out in other ways. And, again, feel free to join me on those other places I mentioned.

The first place is the website you’re reading this on. The other two you can find at

PS - Sorry if this is vague and a poorly constructed analogy. The first place doesn’t like it when you criticize it. It suppresses those kinds of ideas.

PPS - this post is all a bit dramatic isn’t it? The world is reeling from a pandemic. America is at a crucial point where can choose to be better and work to fix a long standing terrible system or we can be worse to each other. Does my disengaging here matter, in that context? I dunno. It’ll give me some peace and space to do more of what I think I need to do to be a better ally though.

I don’t know what to say or if it’ll help but I do know that silence is compliance and actions speak louder than words. I have to figure out how to do more.

I’ve been working with large companies in regards to Design Thinking, Experince Design, Agile, Scrum, growth mindsets, and embracing failure, and SAFe for a long while. These are scaled up for the size of the company. All this time, I’ve been thinking how can all this scale down to small teams and indies. I’ve … got … an … idea.

hi. this is a test. I hope you are well