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  • Ready, Set, Future!

    Just really starting my journey with Futures Thinking. It’s not about prediction. There isn’t a crystal ball. The spirit of the work seems to be: Keeping yourself open to receiving signals (interesting things that are emerging now), then imagining possible futures of what they could mean … read more

  • Sci-fi movie recommendations and mini-reviews

    I posted “what sci-fi movie recommendations do you have” on Facebook. This is the list of recommendations my friends shared. I’ve added my comments to the ones I have seen. By the way, no one recommended A Quiet Place which is a shame as I think it’s such a good film. 12 … read more

  • Anyone have any fun project ideas so I can make use of a very well loved and traveled (but now incredibly slow) 2013 MacBook Pro? It really is on its last leg but …

  • Abstract.

  • Two “thought technologies” for me to experiment with:

    • When anxious, angry, or stressed delay the time between stimulus and reaction and explore the feeling in that messy middle.

    • When engaged do the hard thing now, so that it becomes easier later. See if that middle is less messy.

  • This 10 minute video is about practicing drawing for sketchnotes, but it could be about any creative practice. Love the thinking on what I’d call the “you” and the “monkey mind” aka inner critic.

    Pragmatic Sketching Masterclass – Practice — Eva-Lotta Lamm

  • I attended the Playing with an Improv Mindset yesterday. What a breath of fresh air.

    Improv and play open new pathways in your brain.

    This was a nice guided experience to come together to be creative.

    Sounds like more are on the way in October. I’ll be joining again.

  • Sad times at the desktop photo scanner.

    Well it looks like my sprocket rocket camera has a light leak, so none of the pics look any good. Bummer. I may shoot one more roll and send it off to a lab for them to do the scanning. I’ve been DYI’ing it and maybe the professional lab vs. hobbiest equipment I have will matter. I also found an old … read more

  • Got some negatives back from the lab. It’s like a lil’ surprise gift from my past self each time they arrive. I’ll process them tomorrow morning as I’m off to a writers meeting tonight.

  • Today I learned (or realized I already knew) that the monkey mind’s consistent chatter is neither wrong or right. It just is. The I, the listener of the chatter, observes and makes meaning from the nonsense. Sometimes healthy meaning, sometimes not.

  • Via Critter:

    You won’t get money, status, fun, impact, and career capital at the same job. Pick two, get the rest elsewhere in your life. Jacob Falkovich

    Pairs nicely with the book I’ve just finished called “Good Enough Jobs”.

    Purpose and meaning at work are relatively new things.

    All of the above is worth strong consideration.

  • Last nights sunset was intense. If you’re ever in North Hampton, New Hampshire check out the Throwback Brewery. It’s beautiful, the people and food are great.

  • The Vertical Breath

    I’m fascinated by the concept of the vertical breath. As I understand it right now, this concept flips what we traditionally think of regaridng time. We typicaly envision a horizontal line, with a dot in the middle. The dot is ‘now’ and everything to the left is the past. Everything to the right is … read more

  • My upcoming comedy shows.

    8/23 & 8/26 sketch (like SNL)

    8/26 Improv (like Who’s Line is it Anyway?)

  • Tabla Rasa

    A need or an opportunity to start from the beginning.