Idea Spark

I’ve been thinking of what motivates me, and how to tie that to the question from Ikigai that asks what does the world need”.

Observing people thinking is a huge motivator for me. When I see someone take in a new idea and begin to evaluate if it’s something that fits with their world view, way of working, how they process info I am delighted.

Even if they choose not to accept the idea, I’m personally satisfied by them going through that evaluation. Causing the spark is the reward for me.

These ideas don’t have be grand, or earth shaking. Any small idea that provides that spark still resonates with me.

People need ideas, but ideas are the easy part. That thoughtful consideration of an idea and putting it into practice is the very hard part. How many times have you seen a product or service and said I thought of that!”. For my wife it’s bleach-based disinfectant wipes. I remember that conversation we had almost twenty years ago. That would be great!” we thought. Some years later we noticed that product on the shelf of the supermarket.

My idea is the Jacubicle: Cross a typical office cubicle with a jacuzzi. Seems like a disgusting (we’d have to recycle the water) and unsafe (electronics and water don’t mix) idea. But, mark my words, some tech bro startup in the Valley will make these for other tech bro startups in the Valley.

OK, that’s a bad idea, let’s not bring that into our consideration :)

Again, the world around me needs ideas. For me the world around me” is the teams I serve. Spouse, Family, Rigging Dojo founders, Rigging Dojo students, my friend group, my Improv teams, anyone reading this.

I’ll keep looking for ways to spark ideas.


Hello, I'm Chad. I am finding my ikigai. Email me if you want to start a conversation. You can find me posting doodles, photos, and short posts on as well.

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