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Really looking forward to your longer post, and agree with your ideas that Drafts and other apps can live together, in concert @kaa . @twweaver I find that long posts aren’t great in Drafts as well. Maybe the paradigm (it’s not files in folders) and UX just aren’t right for that kind of thing. I like iAWriter and 1Writer better. But Drafts is “The Place where Text Starts”. Start in Drafts, and put the results anywhere. As simple as writing a txt and zipping it to a specific person, posting something to a website, like, all the way up to things like @crossingthethreshold has described in this thread.

I admit I’m looking more towards digital minimalism as I get older, but I can say that Drafts has changed my technology usage. It’s the only application on my iOS dock, as an example. I start most text I write in the app. It allows you to write without the distractions of timelines or stuff in your inbox.