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I’m working to do more “working with the garage door open” sessions. Feel free to join in if you’re interested in Animation,, or hanging out in a creative space.

I tried an interesting thought experiment called 12 Favorite problems. Would this be helpful for you?

Looking for some laughs in Portsmouth NH this summer? There are three total performances with some damn funny and very awesome people. I’m performing a 5 minute standup set on July 26. 2 for 1 beers after the shows as well! All the details here


I wrote about Soup. When I got up today I didnt think I’d use Soup as a metaphor, but you never know where the day will take you!

Currently reading and sketchnoting Storyworthy. I’m about half way through and finding it to be a great read. It’s about telling personal stories, like you’d hear at The Moth or other storytelling event. But it has useful models and practices for all kinds of storytelling.

Come hear me talk more about a silly mindfulness exercise I’ve dubbed the funkbuster

Sometimes solving a problem is a problem

Understanding the people who are impartant to your project with the consultants best friend.

Don’t say “just”, backstage and onstage, and Picasso… huh?

Can one use a team focused software development framework in their own personal creative work? I think it’s worth a try.

I was asked what’s the best way to get started with sketching and animation. Here is my reply

Removing a folder from the sidebar in 1writer deletes the folder from the disk. It doesn’t just remove it from the sidebar. The bad news is that I lost all my notes in my “Second Brain” folder. The good news is I learned how to restore from iCloud. Whew

I know a little bit about a lot of stuff. Animation, no code, mindfulness, movies, game dev, Agile, Scrum, identifying and moving past limiting beliefs, apps, art, creativity, questions to ask oneself. Ask me anything.

My first Racket! Arrival, Sitting on the side of a Highway, and the Vertical Breath.

I’m interested in this new audio tool. Anyone else interested in trying it? 9 minute recording constraint, no editing, and apparently it’s easy to invite and get people into conversations.…

Here’s a timelapse of the surise this morning. 5 minutes conpressed to 2 seconds.

I was lucky enough to see another beautiful sunrise this morning.

I was lucky enough to see another sunrise. At first I thought, this one isn’t as beautiful as yesterdays. Then I thought, yes it is, it’s just a different color palate.

I was lucky enough to see another great sunrise today.

What are you going to make today?

The Funkbuster comes out via my newsletter tomorrow. It’s a fun and weird exercise to change your mood/bust out of a funk.