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  • Atomic Unit

    A talented developer asked me “what is the core, the most basic element of the production pipeline”? They referred to this as the Atomic Unit.

    I like using that term in different contexts now. What is the core component to build a system around?

    All the applications and services I’ve tried haven’t stuck. No one app will be perfect. And yes, I should focus on committing for longer periods of time. But the shiny new thing is here, now.

    But the note, the calendar appointment, the next action, the blog post. These are all wrong Atomic Units to build around. For me.

    People and relationships are that Atomic Unit. The thing that matters most. The thing I should build systems for. I should use tools and services to serve, communicate, collaborate, and coordinate with Poeple. It’s the people that matter most.

  • Oh! I get it now… it’s a metaphor for existential dread. Thanks Andy, Stewart, and Sting. That’s reassuring lol

    Many miles away there’s a shadow on the door - Of a cottage on the shore - Of a dark Scottish lake

  • Ran across an interesting question in a reread of Atomic Habits.

    What feels like fun to you, but work to others?

    I’m having trouble answering it. How about you?

  • Some doodles

  • A simple, mostly analog, sprint based system

    I’ve been working in weekly sprints, and using my Now (and then) page to document what I’m focused on. I use a plus, minus, next and a version of Anna Havron’s Personal Framework for retrospecitives. This is a result of the Side Project Sprints work that @ChrisJWilson and I have been doing for almost a year?

    This setup has allowed me to really have a trusted system. I am greatful to Anna Havron and Anne-Lure from Ness Labs for the ideas, and Chris for the support, collaboration, and Graceful Accountability.

  • I’m thankful to not really be looking at the moment, but any position that has “this position requires you to work on site” is an extra hard pass.

  • Relevant to your interests? @manton @vincent @amit


  • Two conflicting thoughts; aka OMFG Wordle!

    I heard somewhere that holding two contradictory thoughts in your head is a sign of adulthood. Sometimes we can waver back and forth on which of those thoughts has more meaning, and that’s ok.

    For example, Wordle.

    For me Wordle is a very nice thing. In a time when the internet, and society didn’t present many nice things. I showed my wife, she showed our daughter. We all play it. Randomly throughout the day, one of us says… I forgot to do the wordle! and we have a good laugh. And my son, who doenst play it says, “you all are bananas” and we have a smile. It’s brought an extra layer of joy to the family.

    • The creator of wordle made it as a gift for their partner. How lovely. They told friends, then they told friends, and here we are. And then the creator sold it to some big corporation for “low seven figures” - wow, that’s the dream! Perhaps the creator can go create more great things with that time and space the money might provide!

    • The creator of worlde sold it to some large company, and now I wonder what they’ll do to it. Paywalls! Adding bloat and unneeded features! Leaderboards! Adding social components! Why can’t we have nice things??!!!!!

    It’s OK to have these conflicting thoughts.

    One can control their actions though. Just because the internet allows us to go yell at strangers, we do not have to choose to take that action.

    For the folks that are so mad… Maybe consider this:

    Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

  • Finished reading: The Revenge of Analog by David Sax 📚

    This book rekindled my interest in records, and the Lomo LC-A and film photography. It is a refreshing breath of fresh air.

  • I cheated at Wordle today. Ask me anything?

  • I moved my other blog back to Blot. Write.as was interesting, but my heart is in Blot’s hands. On Mac, I’m comfortable with Typora and Finder to Dropbox for Blot. On iPad, I’m not so sure what, if any, process to use.

  • Feeling blah and grumpy about writing lately. Kinda in a lull. Likes: creativity, Sketchnotes, animation, growth mindset, Amor Fati.

    Do you have any good writing prompts for me?

  • 15 minutes, and 5 whys

  • Updated my website to speak more about my coaching practice. I have openings for a couple new clients. I’m intersted in working with creative people who want to make us all come together, not seperate us. Do you know someone who is working on something big, and could use some guidance and support?

  • I bought a receiver and four records today. I’m bearded and wearing flannel. My transformation to old New England hipster is now complete

  • I saw this somewhere else online, thought it might be fun for micro.blog…

    5 topics I can talk about for 30 minutes without prep:

    1. Your inner critic is trying to help you, and is also a Class-A Asshole.
    2. Sketchnotes
    3. How you can learn to be creative (its not a ‘gift’).
    4. The Gentleman Bastard Sequence
    5. Animation for film and video games
  • A cold walk in the early evening.

  • In my notes just now, I wrote a term for myself to think through opportunities. “I’ll ARYO that”. It’s an acronym from one of my favorite quotes.

    Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.


    • Adapt
    • Reject
    • Your Own

  • Some of the things I wrote today, with little context:

    • I made a Star Wars joke not even an hour into my first day back after holiday break. It’s going to be a good day.
    • Am I overthinking everything? Again.
    • I wish we all had time machines or magic wands, but we don’t.
    • Coach your face off, make mistakes, learn from them and grow
    • Name redacted I mean this with love and respect, and I hope you’d say the same for me. You’re a freak of nature, no matter where you are 😃
  • Just ordered a book from my past year of Day One entries. Thank you @patrickrhone for the inspiration.

  • Updated my about page on the blog. Simpler.

  • Does the Apple Watch track curse words uttered under one’s breath while doing light home repairs? I mean it helps me vent frustration but the kids in the next room don’t hear it. That’s a two-fer, isn’t it?

  • Finished reading: Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkeman 📚

    • This might be my favorite non-fiction book, ever
    • it gave clarity to some of my recent thoughts on work and meaning
    • it challenged my thinking on a lot of things