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I work from home. I live in Hampton, NH. Around 1045AM today, I heard very loud gunfire. In repeated bursts. It lasted for about 5 minutes, hard to say exactly.

My wife works as a third grade teacher. My two children attend high school. The sound of the gun fire was coming from the direction of the high school.

Terrified and shaking, I called the Hampton police department. I said I’m a Hampton Resident, and I am hearing very loud gunfire.

The office who answered said that’s our SWAT team training. We do that once a month or so. I said that scared the shit out of me. He said sorry about that. I thanked him and we hung up.

I’m still shaking as I write this. Fuck your guns.

OMG Yay for Anxiety Meds, and Yay for more Locke & Jean & Friends and enemies…

Found some nearly twenty year old pics from my old Lomo LC-A camera. You never know what you’re going to get with a Lomo.

The morning grind.

Hey, micro.bloggers. its been a tough week. Group hug

Tonight! Portland, ME!!

I took that clifton strengths finder self assessment at work recently. My biggest strenth is ideation - creating and connecting ideas. Apparently the downside to that is not being able to finish what I …

Fitted sheets suck.

The plastic bags at the deli have shitty zippers, and the damn stickers make it impossible to open without rage-ripping. I think were invented by a small R&D team in hell. Like the Devil let his nephew do a ‘startup in a big corporation’ so they can prototype some new shit.

Imposter syndrome

Can you be in Portland Maine on May 17th? Are you interested in hearing me tell strangers an absurd story? Plus the other performers are great! Get more info & tickets here!

Image credit: Dylan Metrano.

I spent the last couple days in and near Manhattan, NY. This song was going through my mind the entire time.…

I grew up an hour away from NYC, on Long Island. We were young and impressionable and the culture and spirit of the city rubbed off on us. I am biased, but it truely is a special place. During the early 1900’s about 12 million people passed through Ellis Island. Making New York and America the melting pot it was. And hopefully still is.

Dear, New York, I hope you’re doin' well.
I know a lot’s happened, and you’ve been through hell.
So, we give thanks for providin' a home.
Through your gates at Ellis Island, we passed in droves.

Hello fellow iPad users. Do you have tips and resources to share about using the iPad without a keyboard? I have a BT Keyboard at my desk, but when I am out and about I’m just using the pencil and my fingers to type. I do not have one of the magic keyboards. I feel like I’m missing some basic text editing/manipulation.

Amazing new venue. Not the results we wanted this year, and an all to typical drop off in the 3rd. But here’s to next year.

I love this city.

What an amazing place. Blows my mind, every time.

Just now fully realizing that “Reduce, reuse, recycle” is an ordered list.

Note to self: stop reading stuff, start doing stuff.

I’ve got a standup performance in Portland ME on 5/17. And a couple more in the works for the summer. If you want to watch me tell absurd stories to friends and strangers, keep an eye out for more details.

Note to self: You got to where you are now from the curcumstannces and the choices you previously made. Your future is based on the curmstances and the choices you make now. You can’t change the past, and you do not have complete autonomy of the future. You can only control what you can control, right now.

Coyote Jackson on how info seeking can hinder willingness to change.

What’s the best way to meditate, what time of day, how long, what type of cushion, where in my house. Information is not bad in itself. But the approach that we are unconsciously engaged in is the process of understanding why. Which implies there is something wrong. … We think that if we could just understand enough, that if we just read the right thing, then we will be fixed. We read something and we feel a hit of inspiration. Great. But if we stop there then nothing has changed.

Moti Mo” by Medeski, Martin, and Wood. On Loop. Loud. All day. I made this my primary action item today, and generated a massive amount of business and customer value. This single action decreased costs, and increased revenue. Also, not work related, let’s just say that romantic intrigue doubled. I found a briefcase with $600,000 USD in it. I reconnected with a long lost realtive, and old wounds were healed. Great song. Your mileage may vary.