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From my interstitial journal:

I made a personal Jira for my creative work. I am equally excited and disgusted with myself.

testing IFTTT to Day One. Please ignore

My sketchnote selfie from

Anyone want to record a racket together? See my interests and book a time here

I strive to be more like Ted Lasso, but sometimes I am more like Led Tasso.

Personal & team mindfulness. A sketchnote and some thoughts.

Too meta

Hello, again, Boston.…

What if nobody reads it?

I’ve been nervous about my second ever standup performance all week. Funny how all the nerves went away and were replaced with a sense of gratitude and energy as soon as I stepped on stage and asked the crowd “do you all want to get weird?”

Wait, I’m supposed to sit around until Wednesday night to hear the Kraken’s picks? In this Economy???? 🏒

I asked @ChrisJWilson about the Power of Standing in Circles.

Tired: Go Fast, Break Things.
Wired: Go Fast, Learn Things.
Expired: Go Fast (alone), Horde Things.
Inspired: Go Far (together), Learn and Share Things.

I was going to update this sketchnote digitally. To clean it up and play with some colors and lettering. Now I think I’ll just let it be. Analog is fun. This is from the wonderful book Storyworthy by Matthew Dicks.

Five minutes ago.

Just sent off my latest email, Working with the garage door up.

Someone else’s joy

Feeling joy based on someone elses joy.

What music are you listening to? I need some new tunes.

It terrifies me so I think I have to do it.