I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

  • Maya Angelou

Thank you, @chrisjwilson - You’ve made me feel inspired by your awesome sketchnote quotes!

Micro Challenge Quotations 💬

Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own

  • Bruce Lee

Micro Challenge Quotations 💬

The Empire, your parents, the Resistance, the Sith, the Jedi… let the past die. Kill it, if you have to. That’s the only way to become what you are meant to be.

May the Fourth be with you.

Micro Challenge Quotations 💬

Coincidence that chargers fit perfectly in LEGO hands? I think not.

Today’s Daily Doodle:

Background Noise.

It’s amazing what can be done with 45 minutes of focus. This thing that’s been in my head for years is now out on paper. Albeit it shitty first draft form, it’s out of my head and can be iterated upon now. I can polish it, publish it and stop thinking about it 🙃

I took a drive yesterday to do a curbside pickup. The weather was finally nice, so I opened the windows for the short trip. I forgot how loud the roads and parking lots usually are.

Today’s Daily Doodle.


Today’s 20 Second Daily Doodle. When I was a kid, and scared of the thunder, my parents told me not to worry because it was just Angels bowling.


I am fully descending into the TIddlyWiki rabbit hole today.

My friend Rich is a writer and artist making awesome comics. Check his stuff out, if that’s your thing. projectpandoraentertainment.com/shop/

We had a great helper today while we painted some trim in the office.

Thoughts from my walk:

Happiness isn’t a state. It’s action. Solving, mitigation, or trading up of problems. Problems will always exist. How you deal with them is the secret sauce.

Sneak peek at an upcoming blog post about fonts.


Today’s Daily Doodle:


Been a while since I posted a daily doodle. Some days I draw the doodle from the prompt and just don’t post here. Some (most) days I skip it altogether. I’d like to build the habit back up.

Today’s 20 second Daily Doodle: Future.

If I spent the same time working on these creative projects as I do thinking about how to do them, and changing my systems, I might, you know, actually ship one of them…

Been enjoying this Marco Polo app with friends and family. Anyone using it too?


Woo! Looking forward to trying this with the family.

I’ve gone from having two or three burts bees lip balms in my front left pocket to swearing that there are absolutely none in the house several times today. It’s like they disappear and reappear without me being aware of them.

Current status: one in front left pocket. Will update this thread later.

Plain Text on iPad

I bought myself an iPad to try to use as my main computer. I’m writing and drawing much more than I have been previously. I thought the iPad would address those needs, and man that Pencil combined with the Procreate app is amazing.

I do wish I could use the pencil in any text field and have my lettering turned to text, maybe some day.

Anyway, there’s only one thing that I typically do that is hard on the iPad so far. It’s one specific website I use frequenty. I can get by, but it’s not a great experience. Also, FaceBook messenger in Safari puts double spaces in everything I type, but renders it properly on posting. But I don’t use FaceBook much anyway.

I don’t really code very much anymore, and when I do, I can log into the old MacBook the family uses.

I’m lucky to have options. I’m not trying to convince anyone to purchase iPads, or start changing how you do what you do. I type all the above to bring me to this.

Advancing backwards

This iPad and other modern computers are amazing machines. Full of features, and systems, and amazing advances in technology.

Maybe it’s my interest in minimalism/essentialism.

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, and trying to remove distractions and focusing on a smaller set of concerns. And setting better expectations for myself.

Maybe it’s the move to indieweb. The reaction to the large social media sites, and all their ills that outweigh the good.

Maybe it’s the time we live in. Dealing with the politics, the binary sorting of sides and encouraged fighting over discourse.

Maybe it’s the amount of news; 24 cycle, always on. Real or fake, bot generated, all designed to manipulate humans.

Maybe it’s the super specifc time we live in. Dealing with the isolation and anxiety over the coronavirus. Some are using this time to focus on what’s really important. I’m trying to. It’s hard.

Habits and tech

I’ve spent some time building up a journaling practice again. And, as a tinkerer, I’ve tried many apps and systems. Digital, analog, and combinations of both.

Again, I come back to plain text. These are computer files that are stored as .txt files. The oldest filetype, perhaps? I mean these kinds of files were around over twenty years ago, when I first got serious about computing. How old is Linux? These files were probably there at the start of that OS.

The thing is, they can be read and written on any computer. Mac, Windows, Linux, maybe others? Whatever your computer looks like. Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Phone, micro-controller.

If you store them in a cloud service like iCloud, Dropbox or one you roll your own (make your own server and system) you can get to them anywhere there is internet.

Totally open, easily accessed, editable, shareable, easy to understand.

I wish more things in life were like these silly, simple text files.

I must have written 5000 words today between day job, side projects, journal and blog posts. That felt really good considering the writing lull I’ve been in.


I’ve been tinkering with the concept of the Highlight from the Time Dorks and just came across this post the other day from John Henry Muller.

I like the combination of ideas, and Muller’s simple text approach. I’ve modified it a bit. Maybe too much overhead?

I made a textExpander snippet to expand into the date and the format described in the today article. It looks like this…

If nothing else, today I am going to blank.  I am going to do this by blank then blank and then blank. If I do this, and only this, today will be a good day.

I use the fancy fill-ins> fields functionlity of textExpander, but that’s not that important. I mean I could just write that entire thing, right?

So then I move that to iaWriter, into a Journal folder, and add some other not as important tasks. I use this throughout the day.

The tech doesnt matter

I’m thinking of going back to edit this post to remove the TextExpander and specifc apps talk. The process of focusing is all that matters, and secondarily that the file is plain text and on the cloud, so I can edit it in any app, on any computer, anywhere where there’s internet. The rest is yak shaving, perhaps.

Work / home balance

I struggle with the day job, and all the other projects I have. Balancing them all out. This Highlight idea will help me focus, I hope. I purposley keep these things seperate in terms of technology.

With all that’s happening in the world at the moment, it’s a bit hard to focus and I’m working on that. I realize that it could be a lot worse for me. Trying to be mindful of that. Thinking through any challenge and writing about it helps me. Stay safe, stay home. We’ll get through this and dance in the streets when we can do so safely.

plaintext on iPadOS - is anyone out there?

Anyone made the transition from nvAlt on Mac to something on iPad? I’m looking to replicate that nvAlt/Dropbox workflow on iPadOS, now that I’m mostly using the iPad. Closest I’ve come is iaWriter. Some things I’m looking for

  • single .md or .txt files stored in one directory
  • that directory is in iCloud (preferred) or Dropbox
  • great search
  • maybe tagging but great search removes the need for tags, I think?