He said he didn’t need to talk about “it”, because he could handle it.

I said talking about “it” is a good way to handle it.

I changed my username here from ‘cm’ to ‘chadgmoore’ as that’s my handle everywhere else. Did I break the internet?

Hello creative people. Hard to find focus and prioritize? Me too. These simple tools have helped me at the day-job and in my own creative work. I’m writing and speaking about them on my newsletter - newsletter.chadmoore.net

I’m curious. When you think of starting something creative, and you hear the lizard brains voice in the back of your head. What does it say?

You’re too much of this or not enough of that to make this thing.

Something like that?

You can reply and tell me, and we can have conversation about it if you’d like.

Or you can write it down on a post-it or scrap of paper.

Or say it out loud.

Think about it once it’s out in the ‘real world’ and out of your head. It probably feels wrong once written or spoken aloud. Maybe even silly?

You can start.

It’s OK.

When we go for a walk, my dog Maggie stops every couple of feet to smell and check out the world around her. Sometimes this frustrates me.

Then I remember that for Maggie, each of these walks is like being a kid at Disneyland. Overloaded senses, moving from experience to experience. Fully engaged in each moment.

What stops us from living like a kid at Disneyland or a dog out on a walk?

Why do we lose moments?

Or distract ourselves from them?

Sorry for the profanity, but I was really bothered by my inner critic today.

Squid Games is really good, but violent & uncomfortable. For every episode of Squid Games, I need to re-watch 2 episodes of Ted Lasso to bring balance back to the force.