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On the first Thursday of each month, there’s an open Jam. It’s a great way to see and practice Improv for people of all levels. For example, I’m a newbie. I completed the 101 level course in the fall, and this was my fourth or fifth Jam. There are cast members from Stranger Than Fiction (the fine folks who run classes and jams in New Hampshire & Southern Maine) who have been acting for years, maybe decades. As well as some people who never have done Improv before. It’s a great mix.

There were 28 people in attendance, this is easily twice as many as the previous jams. Maybe it’s a sign of growth in Improv across the region. Maybe it’s people working on doing something in regard to new years resolutions. Either way it was crazy and great to have that many people. We worked together in a large group for some exercises, and broke out into two smaller groups for others.

I’m not the first one to notice this, but falling out of a rhythm takes it’s toll. I certainly regressed. I asked some questions (you’re not supposed to ask questions in some games), and I wasn’t 100% mindful of being in the moment. Looking forward to practicing and taking the 201 when it opens up in the late winter.

I’d like to see if there’s a small group of people who would want to practice more, but finding people and a space may be difficult. I’ll ask around at the courses/jams. I think I might know of a space.

And I’m going back to one notebook for both “life” and “work” versus having a separate one for each. Insert funny picture of flip-flops.

I don’t like to get on a soapbox and tell people what they should or shouldn’t do. That said, I think the world would be a better place if everyone occasionally went to their local Asian market, got some Gochujang sauce, and put it on just about everything they ate.

I just let a tiny hand-held computer scan my face, so that I could read a message from the robot vacuum that is cleaning my floor. Amazing? Terrifying? Yes to both.

Does anyone have any tricks to get TextExpander to play well with clipboard tools? (I use flycut to copy multiple items). The goal being to copy article url, and title, and have the expansion wrap both items in the clipboard to make a markdown link.

99 Good News Stories You Probably Didn’t Hear About in 2018. Just skimmed this article this morning. Worth a longer read later.

Goal for today: Remove one source of distraction.

Breaking into my own headquarters, and trying to cover it all up

I was working on a somewhat complex personal task the other day, while on a day off from work. In my efforts to be more mindful in general, I noticed that whenever I finished a small part of the task, I prompted myself to look away. Pop over to twitter, or my RSS feeds. To see what was happening in the wider world. I’m grateful I was mindful enough to notice. But I was very frustrated with myself.

I focused and completed the task, as a whole. Afterwards, I spoke to my wife about the level of distraction I was facing. Why was I sabotaging myself?

Oh my God, it’s a mirage. I’m tellin’ y’all, it’s a sabotage

My days off on the holiday were great. I was able to focus on family. Maybe this is why I was more mindful while performing that particular task. Back at work, I’ve been turning off everything that could distract me. I’ve kept the apps closed. I shut it all down. I’m using one app at a time, to single-task as much as possible. To keep focus and avoid the mental break-ins disrupting my attention.

I can’t stand it, I know you planned it. I’m gonna set it straight, this Watergate

It is like I am breaking into my own headquarters, and trying to cover it all up.

Happy New Year! Here’s to a great 2019.

We estimate that we can sell 80% of a users visual field before inducing seizures.

It’s just a silly movie but that terrible line makes a lot of sense for where we are, imho.

When nothing seems to help, I go and look at a stonecutter hammering away at his rock, perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred and first blow it will split in two, and I know it was not that last blow that did it—but all that had gone before.

Nice day at the beach. 45 degrees in December is nice 😀

Just reconfigured my notebook for 2019, the month of January, and the first week of the year. That was the easy part, now to further plan my directions, focus areas and things I want to accomplish.

For my thinking and planning for the new year, I’m strongly considering The Long Game as a theme for the year. Applying these thoughts and the concept of compound interest to finances, health, family, work, interactions, etc. Reminding myself to remember the Long Game for day-to-day choices, of any kind.

Just stumbled across The Happy Broadcast. Fun illustrations of positive news items. Refreshing in more ways than one.

I’m happy to take your reading suggestions. I’m building my 2019 to read list. What’s been your most recommend read lately?

Last day of work for the year. Greatful to have the week off. Looking forward to recharging my batteries, so to speak. I’m not one for resolutions but will set some goals for 2019 this week. But this weeks focus is unplugging are spending time with my family.

Curation - Define Curation at Curating what I come across daily has been a challenge. Too many sources of info. Everything’s always on, all the time. Reduce input, sift and think. Note to self, duly noted.

The Only Privacy Policy That Matters.

You know the the story of the internet. You know, by now, that there is no such thing as a free online service. You either pay with money or you pay by giving up some of your personal data.

FOMO is the Fear Of Missing Out. FOMO motivates me to stay in-the-know but adds to the endless stream of information input.

Maybe I’m getting too old to keep up. Maybe it’s all too much for me to process and I can’t prioritize properly.

I recently heard the term JOMO. That’s the Joy Of Missing Out.

JOMO reduces my stress, keeps me off of platforms I have philosophical & ethical problems with, and has another benefit.

JOMO helps me hear stories. It does put an onus on the people in my life when I hear about something I find of interest. Since I ask them to inform me, they have to tell me a story. I think getting a story from those that are closest to me is a good thing. We have a chance to talk and communicate in a better way than a ‘like’.

A less frequent, but a deeper connection.

Thanks to @kaa and @macgenie for another great episode of Micro Monday.

I appreciate your thoughts on blogging, @kaa. It was like you pulled the scattered thoughts out of my brain and made them make sense. :)

More trouble with Facebook.