2019 Week 12, Weeknotes #06

  • I caught up with an old friend via email, and another via a call
  • We had dinner with friends at The Black Birch on Friday night- I’ll go back again
  • A big stressful week came to a good end
  • I’m off to a three day workshop for work. Its travel on short notice, which is always a challenge. The project sounds very interesting.
  • I picked up Digital Minimalism from the Library, I’ll crack it open when I get back in town
  • I saw Captain Marvel last weekend and liked it a bunch
  • I saw (most) of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse this morning. Will definitely give it another go when I can give it my full attention. It was fantastic, at first glance. Really strong poses, great action, vivid colors. It looked great.

2019 Week 11, Weeknotes #05

  • On Wednesday I had lunch with the team from work, and found out that one of the newer folks on the team used to work with a friend of mine. This reinforced that it is indeed a small world.
  • Improv has been going well, and I’m starting to understand that in “short form” you play pre-arranged games in scenes, where in “long form” you play scenes and arrange the games on the fly. Insert mind blowing gif here.
  • I signed up for a beta of a new Sketchnotes course and I am woefully behind. I hope to catch up this week.
  • I missed last week’s weeknotes. Doh.

2019 Week 09, Weeknotes #04

  • I was on vacation last week and spent really nice time with my immediate family and some friends.
  • In reflection of where I was in my life (common to vacation down time) was reminded of the The fisherman and the businessman and The five regrets of the dying.
  • Our family put together a 1000 piece puzzle from White Mountain Puzzles while on the break. That was a great way to exercise our minds, spend some time together and be away from the screens.
  • I’ve got to find the time and space to commit to the Mastermind call, as I can’t seem to make it stick. It’s important to me and a meeting I shouldn’t move.
  • In NHL news, the Islanders beat Toronto handedly this week. It’s the first time their former superstar who left for Toronto in free agency came to play at the Isles home arena. It was a crazy atmosphere. There’s so much backstory about this, the arena the team plays in (half the time). I’m just glad the Isles got the W. Points to make the playoffs are all that’s important.

2019 Week 08, Weeknotes #03

  • I signed up for the Runners Alley Run Club. It’s a 8 week program that meets twice a week. The goal is to prep for a 5k on memorial day weekend.
  • Improv class was cancelled due to the weather last Monday. I can’t make the class tomorrow, so I’m bummed to be missing out for a stretch. The next open jam is auction prep for the March 8th auditions. I’ve signed up to audition and I don’t think I am near enough to make it. But I figured I’d try this year to see how the process works. By the next audition, I should be better prepared.
  • Super excited for the Rhonecast. Patrick Rhone is someone who’s voice and words I’ve followed for a long time online. He’s so very insightful.
  • I started the audiobook of Theft of Swords: Riyria Revelations, Volume 1. I need to remember to look into switching from audible to Libro.fm. That service has DRM free content and shares profits with a local bookstore of your choosing.
  • I’ve been thinking about time. How I spend it. It’s the only thing we have no control of, and cannot generate ourselves. Therefore, on what should I apply my limited focus and attention? I’m having a hard time expressing myself, so I’ll keep noodling on this.
  • I’m on vacation this coming week and will be focused on spending time with the family, reading a couple books, putting the finishing touches on my MacOS App design (it’s almost done).

2019 Week 07, Weeknotes #02

  • Making good some good choices after last weeks rumpus. Looking forward to getting back into the running habit. I’m signing up for the Casco Brewery 5k.
  • Improv 201 started this week and its great to jump into the deeper aspects of performance.
  • The mastermind group with Bob is a great success for both of us. I’m appreciating the regular cadence and support from Bob.
  • I’m looking to do more experience design work, so this week I thought up of a MacOS app that will help me solve my own problems. I’ve been designing it this past week. I have a friend who may be able to commit to the development. I’ll know more on that this coming week. The app needs a visual design pass, and that I am ill equipped for. So I may solicit some others to help with that.

2019 Week 05, Weeknotes #01

From somewhere on Micro.blog I came across a link to Alice Bartlett’s Weeknotes. Looks like it’s a weekly post of what she was thinking and experiencing over the past week. Looks like it’s a thing a bunch of people are doing on their own blogs too, and it looks like it fits in with whatever the hell it is I am doing here.

So, this is my first Weeknote. A bunch of stuff that happened last week:

  • I went to Boston for work on Thursday, and got to spend all day doing great work with a couple people at Mad*Pow that I wished I worked more often with.
  • I’m helping some friends kick off a new project, and they’re getting some good traction. I’ve been doing some web work, and providing some advice. It’s been fun. Once they’re ready to talk I’ll put up a link.
  • At Rigging Dojo I’m helping to build a system for people looking to hire Technical Artists. We get a lot of people asking us for to help them find freelancers, contractors and full time employees. We love playing matchmaker, but want to make the process a little more automated. More on that next week.
  • I’m watching Killing Eve, and I think it’s pretty great. The performances are fantastic.
  • I finished my (late) annual listen to the Gentleman Bastard Sequence on AudioBook. That’s my favorite fantasy series, hands-down, and the narrator is excellent. Can’t wait for book four, hopefully this year.
  • I hate the name Mastermind group, but I like the concept. I just started one this week with a very good friend. We’re just starting out and want to use the time to focus on our goals and hold each other accountable to them. He and I can talk for hours, as we’ve known each other since kindergarten, so we’ll need to use an agenda to keep us on-point and not talking about hockey or whatever.
  • I was pretty consistent with my Bullet Journaling efforts. I’m happy about this, and the weekly recap here is pulled from a lot of the notes in the notebook.
  • I didn’t do a lot of the work I wanted to do from the Napkin Academy, but made a little progress this week. The goals there are to “solve problems with pictures”. This kind of sketching really appeals to my Experience Design and Agile Scrum Master/Coach interests. My goal is to be 50% through the lessons by the next week.
  • I’m tinkering with this story I am writing, and was having issues trying to do too much with the protagonist and antagonist. I couldn’t figure out who’s story it was. Both have arcs, and there’s a central physical object that drives the story. Last night I thought of a solution. It’s neither of their stories, really. It’s the story of that physical object. It has a level of awareness and certainly has a goal. I’m rethinking it with that idea. I need to have my first draft next week for the Mastermind group I noted above.
  • I deleted my Facebook account a while ago, and am considering starting a newsletter to post the kind of things people usually post there. Like family stuff, which I don’t really post too much of on this site. I believe Jean MacDonald calls hers a “friendsletter”. I like that.
  • I signed up for Improv 201, and can’t wait to get to practicing and learning more.
  • I just found this app called Slowly that looks like a way to find and write to pen pals. Interesting.