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My First Music Lesson

Last night, I had my first real music lesson. I have taken a couple bass guitar lessons before, and I knew the very basics. What the name of each string on my bass guitar is named. That’s about it. E, A, D, and G. I’ve taken just a handful of lessons before, I never stuck with them. I’ve been thinking of taking them again, as one of my themes I’m working towards and with is Performance.

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The longest, most uncomfortable silence in history

Yesterday, at work, I asked a group of people some questions that caused “the longest, most uncomfortable silence in history” according to one attendee. Causing that silence, and the resulting conversation was the best thing I’ve contributed to work all week. Possibly all month. That moment and conversation came about not because I have a list of go-to questions. I wasn’t about stumping or triggering someone. That’s a zero sum game.

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I really miss practicing Improv. The classes and jams have made me a more mindful person. You have to be completely in the moment and practice active listening or else the scene falls apart. That practice of being present helped me while performing, and in real life. I just can’t do the online improv thing. I am in front of a computer all day (thankfully I still have my day job!) and I can’t seem to get past the fact of not being in the same physical space for performing. I should check in with the other improvisers I know to see how they’re doing with all this.

I participated in an audition for the Stranger than Fiction improv group today. I was a little nervous but more excited to get the chance to perform for several hours. The cast was kind and supportive and the other performers were great. I got to respond to direction from the cast and try out some games I hadn’t played before. Mostly it was scene work. Lots and lots of scene work.

I have two upcoming comedy performances:

First up is an Improv student showcase set. I’ll be performing with my classmates as a warmup of sorts before Stranger than Fictions “A Pulitzer Prize Losing Drama” performance.

  • Tue 3/31, 8PM

  • Seacoast Rep, 125 Bow St, Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801

  • Hosted by Stranger Than Fiction Improv and Comedy

  • $12

Then I’ll be doing a 5 minute standup set as a part of the New Hampshire Theatre Projects “Couch to Mic” class.

  • Tue 4/21, doors at 715

  • New Hampshire Theatre Project, 959 Islington St #3, Portsmouth, NH 03801

  • Suggested donation of $5

Back in Improv class! When I’m not in class, it’s hard to find time to practice with other people. I forgot how mind-bending it is to improvise. Our teacher said tonight that you have to be the actor, director, and writer at the same time. So true.


I recently came up with my “Ethic” ala Todd Henry’s advice on the matter. The Ethic is your way to approach each day with what you think is important in life. Every morning, look at the day with the lens of your ethic, and act accordingly throughout the day. Then, review in the evening. I spent some time thinking on this, and came up with these words, and an acronym to remember them by.

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For 2019 I chose the theme of “Compounding”. Not strictly a goal, but a single word that should be present at the top of my mind when facing decisions, hardships, and successes. I wasn’t as good as I could have been in regards to using that word to help me progress past certain boundaries, and obstacles. But I did have some successes with it. This year, I’m not going to forget the word compounding, but I’ve been giving a lot of thought to a new theme for 2020.

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My improv starter post series, based off of @macgenie microblogvember prompts feels like it’s run it’s course. It was a great exercise for me but I don’t think I’m getting value out of it anymore. So I’ll use the prompts to keep going on the daily posts but not necessarily with the improv starter theme. I’m confident I’ll be able to hit the 30 days in a row mark and hopefully many more.


  • Tim, our dog obedience school is really taking off!
  • Babe, don’t leave me. Stay with me…
  • Doctor, I cant move my arm

What’s this post all about? Microblogvember(#)( is a daily writing prompt the folks at are participating in. I’m using the one word prompt as a suggestion for who, what and where(#)( offerings as we would do in an improv performance. I look up the word, and write as many openings as I can think of off the top of my head.