I posted “what sci-fi movie recommendations do you have” on Facebook. This is the list of recommendations my friends shared. I’ve added my comments to the ones I have seen.

By the way, no one recommended A Quiet Place which is a shame as I think it’s such a good film.

12 Monkeys (2 recommendations)

  • Great film. I saw this in the theatre and at least 3 times more in the DVD era. I should rewatch it.


  • I saw this years and years ago. I should rewatch it.

Andor (tv)

  • I’m a huge Star Wars nerd and have seen just about everything. I have strong opinions on all things Star Wars. This was a very good series, even with the stunning lack of lightsabers ;)

Another Earth


  • A dear friend referred to this as a masterpiece, and now I have to question my relationship with them, lol.

Arrival (3 recommendations)

  • I love this movie. It might be in my top 10 list of all movies. When I was doing little podcasts a couple years ago I spoke about this movie. I’ll see if I can find the audio.

Blade Runner 2049

  • Much better than I anticipated.

Blade Runner: The Final Cut

  • A sci-fi classic. It still holds up.


  • It’s been too long since I’ve seen this. I need to get back into Terry Gilliam films. What a wonderful weird world he creates.

Children of Men (2 recommendations)

  • Love this. Shocking opening and it doesn’t take a breath.

Dark City

District 9

  • My brother-in-law and I saw this in the theatre. We were expecting something much different. I think I enjoyed it more than he did. This is a doozy.

Donnie Darko

  • I’ve seen the first ten minutes of this movie like five times. But never made it further. I should.


  • When I was a youngling, my good friend Eric spent summers in England. He’d come back with all kinds of crazy comics. Dredd was one of them. I couldn’t get into the film all those years later for some reason.

Dune (newer version) (3 recommendations)

  • A bit slow. A tad long. Stunning visually.

Dune (old)

  • I never saw it (I know I’ll have to turn in my geek club card for this transgression)

Enemy Mine

  • Saw it in the movie theatre when I was like 13. This one is lost in my memory. I think I liked it back then?

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

  • Love this film, even when the second act goes off the rails. The practical effects are stunning.

Event Horizon

  • I remember not really liking this way back in the day.

Existenz (tv)

For All Mankind (tv)

Foundation (tv) (2 recommendations)

  • I saw the first season, and felt it was disjointed. Maybe I wasn’t focused on it.


  • Another “blast from the past”. I loved it back in the day.

High Life


  • One of my all time favorites and it took three viewings for me to get all the ins and outs.

Into the Spiderverse

  • A stunning work of animation. Stunning. There’s a line of thinking for those who work in and love animation. Animation Is A Medium Not A Genre. This movie is great proof of that. So many styles and genres are displayed and yet cohesively held together in this film. Stunning.

Invasion (tv) (2 recommendations)

  • I watched and enjoyed the first season.

Midnight Special



  • Hot take: Anything with Sam Rockwell is going to be great.


  • Another favorite film. I love the scene at the pool table. That alone is worth the price of admission.


Severance (tv)

  • This is my new “Lost”. The shows aren’t really alike other than “oh my god what is going to happen next!”. Love it.

Silo (tv) (2 recommendations)

  • Departed from the book in some ways. Good show.

Solaris (1972 or 2002)

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (tv)

Sunshine (3 recommendations)

  • I watched half of the trailer last night. I stopped because it was giving away the whole plot of the film! This one is now on top of my to-watch list.

Tenet (2 recommendations)

  • I need another viewing to form an opinion.

The Dark (tv)

The Edge

The Expanse (tv) (2 recommendations)

The Fly

  • Gross, lol. Classic film.

The Peripheral (tv) (2 recommendations)

  • I watched the first two episodes. I should pick it up. Chloë Grace Moretz seems like a good actress, and is a New York Islanders fan, so that’s a win in my book.

The Thing (1982)

  • Freaked me out when I first saw it. I must have been 11 or 12 years old. Some vivid memories (opening sequence with the dog in particular, and the spider… iykyk). Need to rewatch.

The Thing (new)

  • Looks good, I will check it out

The Thirteenth Floor

Under the Skin (2 recommendations)

Vanilla Sky (2 recommendations)

  • Another one I saw in the theatre when it came out. Don’t remember anything about it.

War of the Worlds (tv)