Well it looks like my sprocket rocket camera has a light leak, so none of the pics look any good. Bummer.

I may shoot one more roll and send it off to a lab for them to do the scanning. I’ve been DYI’ing it and maybe the professional lab vs. hobbiest equipment I have will matter.

I also found an old camera, and had the roll in it developed. It doesn’t look very sharp. Could be the fact that the film in the camera was over ten years old. Could be that the camera is just end of life. It is about 50 years old.

That one stings a bit as it is a sentimental possession of mine. My dad used it for his work in the 1980’s and 1990’s as a Crime Scene investigator, then gave it to me when he retired. It has seen some things.

I’ll try one more new roll of film in that camera too, and also have it professionally processed to see what’s what.