Chad Moore


I believe we are in our infancy.
Scarcity is the driving force wired into our lower brains.

For generations we have protected what we have from the others.
Our things, our blood lines, our selves.

We fear the outsider.
We fight for land and resources.
We fight for ideologies.

I believe we’re moving towards abundance over scarcity. But there sure is a lot of work left to do.

More than ever before we can acknowledge.

We can question feelings.
We can sit with them and see how they make us feel in our bodies.
We can delay the duration between stimulus and reaction.

We can choose abundance over scarcity.
We can show our children how we process this.
We can wire abundance into our own brains. And theirs.

And so on.

What can I do in the moment?
What can you?

Which will we choose?