With everything happening over at “the twitter”, plus a glance at my screen time (yikes!) and my general feeling of overwhelm online, I think it’s time for an audit of who and what I let into my eyeballs & brain.

First draft at some categorization:

Newsletters from people and small teams that I like. Going to think about balancing the voices to not silo myself. Just put these into my email, no fancy reading tools. Less to manage and think about.

Moving from social media to social network where are the groups of people I want to be aware of an informed of? Especially events.

  • For example my comedy friends and interests are all on Facebook. And (mostly) only on Facebook. How do I stay connected to them in a place I dislike? To ‘network’ - be informed, interact, communicate, share and not take place in the general ‘media’ - consumption, status, ads, hate.

  • There’s a small group of people I follow on Twitter, and they’re (mostly) only on twitter. How do I network with them?

  • Mastodon is complicated. The older I get the less interested in the tech/config/wiring up of things I am. Maybe it’s not for me at all.