I heard somewhere that holding two contradictory thoughts in your head is a sign of adulthood. Sometimes we can waver back and forth on which of those thoughts has more meaning, and that’s ok.

For example, Wordle.

For me Wordle is a very nice thing. In a time when the internet, and society didn’t present many nice things. I showed my wife, she showed our daughter. We all play it. Randomly throughout the day, one of us says… I forgot to do the wordle! and we have a good laugh. And my son, who doenst play it says, “you all are bananas” and we have a smile. It’s brought an extra layer of joy to the family.

  • The creator of wordle made it as a gift for their partner. How lovely. They told friends, then they told friends, and here we are. And then the creator sold it to some big corporation for “low seven figures” - wow, that’s the dream! Perhaps the creator can go create more great things with that time and space the money might provide!

  • The creator of worlde sold it to some large company, and now I wonder what they’ll do to it. Paywalls! Adding bloat and unneeded features! Leaderboards! Adding social components! Why can’t we have nice things??!!!!!

It’s OK to have these conflicting thoughts.

One can control their actions though. Just because the internet allows us to go yell at strangers, we do not have to choose to take that action.

For the folks that are so mad… Maybe consider this:

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.