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Tigers and Lizards

The Lizard Brain is the part of your brain responsible for handling threats. It determines if you should chose fight or flight when presented with danger.

The Lizard Brain can’t tell the difference between the actual tigers in the bushes and the perceived ones. When our higher brain gives control to the lizard brain, there isn’t processing, context, and nuance.

It just takes input (threat!) and makes a decision (fight or flight).

These days, not many people have to worry about the reality that there are tigers in the bushes ready to pounce.


Now and then

Then - Not being liked meant you were not able to join, or you got kicked out of the tribe. If you were on your own, you likely died.

The tribe was safety.

Now - Not getting likes on your posts feels like you’re not in the tribe. And that still feels like you are on your own.

Kicked out of the tribe. Unsafe.

The breath

A single focused breath can help us understand the tigers and lizards around us. Helping your lizard brain go onto the back burner. We need this subroutine running to keep us aware of what’s happening around us. But when it takes over, we feel anxiety and fear.

A single deep breath.

Then more if you want or need to.