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How weird is this?
I was going through the Ness Labs Mindful Productivity Challenge and my brain combined two ideas. 
The lesson focused on PACT goals which are goals expressed in the format of:
  • Purposeful - Does this have long term meaning?
  • Actionable - is this small enough to begin now? Can it be broken down so that it is?
  • Continuous - Can I repeat this in my process? Is is simple and repeatable? 
  • Trackable - Can I easily simply answer “yes” or “no” to track completion?
Looking at these PACT goals in the frames of habits, routines, and rituals. Being conscious of what things we do, and where they fall on that spectrum. Being mindful of the opportunities to move from a habit, to a routine, to a ritual if it makes sense for any of your goals. 
Habits are things you just do (good or bad), almost unconsciously but tied to triggers in your life
Routines are things you have to set your mind to do. Making your bed in the morning for example
Rituals have a deeper connection to self, identity, meaning, and purpose
Somewhere along the way I remembered the Fogg behavior change recipes from BJ Fogg’s book called Tiny Habits. More info here
It’s a format that focuses on adding new behaviors to your world, or changing undesirable ones. 
Here’s the behavior change recipe
After some thing I already do, do this tiny thing, celebrate to wire it into my brain
Not at specific times, but chained to activities you are already doing
This avoids missed times due to things you can’t control (a morning meeting runs late so you miss your 12PM todo)
The smallest possible step
Break things own into many small connected things so starting is easier and feelings of success and accomplishment happen early and often
Celebrate to wire into your brain
Your mind and body like it when things feel good
I decided to write my PACT todo’s in this format:
  • When I wake up, I will write morning pages in my notebook, I will celebrate with fist pump
  • After the family leaves for work/school, I will write for 30 minutes, I will celebrate with a dance party
  • After I get ready for work, I will meditate, sitting on my bed, for five minutes, I will celebrate with a self-five
  • After I begin my lunch break, I will tidy up the kitchen, I will celebrate with a self-five
  • After I tidy up the kitchen, I will eat lunch without a screen, I will celebrate with a self-five
  • After I eat lunch, I will practice the Bass guitar for twenty minutes, I will celebrate with a self-five
  • After I practice the Bass, I will walk the dog, I will celebrate with a self-five
  • After I shut down my computer for the day, I will go for a walk, I will celebrate with a clap & spin
  • As I wind my day down, I will read and make notes on articles, and send twitter replies, I will celebrate by taking three calming breaths
  • As I go to bed, I will read a book (and make notes), I will celebrate by taking three calming breaths
I’m not sure I am breaking these down into the smallest possible steps “I will write morning pages in my notebook” might be more actionable as “I will write one thing in my notebook” to make it easier to get that sense of accomplishment.
I’m also grouping these around my schedule for the day, and am considering further standardizing the celebrations to wire each thing into my brain, and have a sense of grouping celebrations to make them even deeper in my mind and for my schedule
I am not considering real breaks here. That might be for my next efforts.
How weird is this? Is anyone else thinking or working like this? 
Making more of a Racket
Over the past couple weeks, Chris Wilson and I had a couple interesting conversations on Racket.
The first is about a tool we both use. It’s a comparison and contrast, and Chris asked a great question: what’s the last note you took with the tool?
What’s in your Obsidian? | Racket
Earlier, I was reflecting on missing Improv classes, and the Daily Scrum aka Standup. Two occasions in my life where people standing in circles is powerful. Chris and I chatted about it.
The Power of Standing in Circles | Racket
I was a guest on a podcast
I’m a part of the wonderful community. is a blog host (a place to put your writing and pictures online) and a community of people who write their own blogs. Overall it’s been a great experience as a writer and community member. There is a purposeful design to remove the nasty parts of social media, and just a great group of interesting people.
The things you write, photograph, and speak about (it has a podcast service too!) are yours forever. POSSE (Post on your Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere) is a mantra for the open web and
Everything you do there can be sent automatically to twitter, too. So you can have the best of both worlds too.
Jean, the community manager at invited me to be a guest on Micro Monday. A podcast that features interviews with the members of the community.
A Coaching note
Thanks for reading! Until next time.
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Our yesterdays are dreams. Our tomorrows are uncertain. All we have is right now. Presence is about being in the moment.

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