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Your past and your future do not exist
We’re thinking ahead, creating a future in our minds. Anxiety about what could, should, and would happen cloud this vision of our future selves. 
And when we reflect, we’re recreating a past event. Our minds add in our thoughts, feelings, and emotions from that time. Augmented by those from the lives we’ve lived since that past event. 
Humans aren’t good at thinking in absolutes, we think relatively.
That past experience is all relative to what’s happened and what we’ve thought since, up until right now. The future in our minds is relative to what we’re feeling now too.
So, we do not have a future or a past at all.
All we have is right now.
Making a Racket
I really like this new podcast thing, well it’s sort of a podcast. It’s called Racket, and it’s awesome. Here’s some recent episodes I’ve recorded, and sketchnotes I’ve made that go with them.
I made a Racket with Redy2Go and it was a blast! He titled it “don’t think, speak! dawn of golden (orange) creativity thu constraints
click the image to listen...
click the image to listen...
Matt Guay asked me “What’s the best trick you’ve found to help creative people do better creative work?
Click the image to hear my reply:
click the image to listen to my reply ...
click the image to listen to my reply ...
You can find out more about Matt here (he’s a founder of Racket!):
Make a Racket with me
Let’s find a time to chat about anything and everything on Racket!
How to get started with Sketchnotes
Chris Wilson and I gave a short talk (25 minutes) on how to get started with sketchnotes at We included some exercises for you to try. Make a sketchnote and share it. It’s about drawing ideas and not making beautiful art!
Micro Camp: Chad Moore and Chris Wilson
Micro Camp: Chad Moore and Chris Wilson
You can find out more about Chris here. He’s a great creative partner!
Thanks for reading
I’d like to leave you with a question I’ve been thinking about, and invite you to share your thoughts on it.
What is easy for you that seems like magic to others?
I think I originally heard this through James Clear‘s work.
Reply and let me know your thoughts…
Until next week.
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Chad Moore
Chad Moore @Chadgmoore

Our yesterdays are dreams. Our tomorrows are uncertain. All we have is right now. Presence is about being in the moment.

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