Hello friends,

It’s been over a month since I last dropped an email over to you. I’ve been making slow progress on my next animation.

I found the idea of “working with the garage door up” to be inspiring. The gist is that when you do your creative work, you do so openly. This way people can come hang out and share ideas in the moment.

I needed a kickstart to get me focusing on animation again, so I set up a handful of Animating with the garage door up sessions in July. Hope you can pop by one of them.

In that spirit of open sharing, here’s where I am with the animation. After a couple shaky starts, I did this initial planning of the layout. It’s a mess, but that’s how it all starts :)

I then refined the idea more and decided to try a new layout. Not sure how to work with that layout, that’s my next adventure. Can keynote render out to a vertical phone layout like this?

Can I help you start?

Interested in starting something creative? Or working with the garage door up in some fashion? Let me know how I can help.

Making a racket

I found this new audio tool and I fell right into it. There’s not a lot of friction here, there’s not a lot of overhead. Not everything has to be a “thing”. Hit record and talk into your computer. Sure one could argue about finding a perfect microphone to increase the audio quality. Or, one can use what they have, and build something. I like that last part. There is no perfect tool. Use what you have.

One of the neat features of Racket is that you don’t need an account to ask someone anything. So, Ask me Anything.

Racket has a recording limit of 9 minutes, again to reduce friction in the process. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Here are my rackets to date.


For a couple days in a row, I went to the beach at sunrise to walk, and take photos. I took these from the same spot, around the same time each day. I love seeing the differences in the photos from day to day.

And a time-lapse video:

I wrote about the first photo and how Photos don’t capture the moment

More words

Here are more things I’ve written lately. You’ll see overlap in the thinking between these written words on my website, and the spoken ones on racket I am sure.

Thanks for reading.