My wife and I watched the first two episodes of Lost with our teenage kids last night. I forgot just how good that show was, when it was good. I urged my kids not to read spoilers because that show has some of the greatest “WTF is happening!” and “WTF’s going to happen next!??!” moments. I dont think we’ll get through the entire series of six long seasons. But I’m thinking we can get through the first season, together, slowly.

We’ve seens the entire series, as it played out. We never re-watched any of it since the first run through. So it’ll be intersesting to have some fun conversations along the way with the kids. I remember that show being so popular, and distracting with my work team. So many theories and disagreements and ideas throughout the week in our team chat, hallyway conversation and lunch table. Everyone was so into it.

It was so distracting but so fun, that I actully invited the entire team as optional to an morning Lost discussion standup meeting. The thought was we can get it all out of systems early in the day together to allow us to not disrupt each other all day with chatter. I never really measured how successful that was, but boy was it fun.