I’ve been using yearly themes for the last three years. In place of a resolution(s), these seem to allow flexibility to explore, fail and learn. A resolution is binary, do or do not, and seems to set one up for failure. At least in my experience.

2021 - The year of Forming

Here’s some definitions of Form/Forming and some thoughts I have on the theme.

to take on a definite form

  • Can I clearly state my creative & habit processes and the outcomes (not the output)? I’d like to establish a trusted system for each.

to be all the substance of

  • The reason I liked “hypothesis” as a candidate for my yearly theme is that it requires a test and learn. That’s the substence. Bring whatever into the process and get results (outcomes), revise, repeat.

to bring into being by combining, shaping, or transforming materials

  • This is Creativity, Idea generation, and Habit Change, isn’t it? Rethink what you already have - combine in new ways.

to come into existence

  • Related to me being OK with taking up space, being fully present

to come to have gradually

  • It’s a marathon not a sprint. I am going to stumble, fall and get back on track over and over. What did I learn? That’s the outcome(s)


By focusing on Forming, I hope to achieve these outcomes:

  • Mental Health: Form a regularly scheduled meditation practice.
  • Spiritual Health: Form a regularly scheduled creativity practice. Hike more often, get outside more and closer to nature.
  • Physical Health: Be on track for my 50th birthday weight goal for 2022.
  • Financial Health: Explore more lines of thinking on financial strategies.

The folks behind the podcast Cortex have great insight into yearly themes. I think I picked up this idea from them.