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Burn bright in the hot spotlight of the now

Standing on the stage, with the house lights up we can see what might be. The number of people who might attend, for example. The possible futures.

When the single hot spotlight is upon us on that same stage, in that same theatre, we can’t see anything beyond the spotlight.

We must be in the moment, playing our role. Interacting with others in the now. There’s no past or future. Just the immediate now.

A scripted play or improvised performance matters not, in that moment. It’s the exchange of words and actions in the moment that define our relationships.

Many have stage fright as they must be up in front of others. But is it more than that? Is is the fact that you are up in front of others without your past or worry for the future?

Wise acting teachers instruct their students that there’s a secret to performance. They do this to alleviate the newer performers stage fright. The secret is that the audience wants you to succeed as a performer.

They want you to succeed so that they can be entertained and understand their own real lives through the actions of others.

They want you to strip away the past, and discard all the anxiety about what might be. To burn bright in the hot spotlight of the now, so that they may one day do the same.

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