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Sorry about your face, Kiss Guy

I absolutely love hearing stories of musicians inviting fans onstage to perform with them.

For the performers, it must be a risk/reward calculation when you see a fan holding up a sign asking to play onstage with you. I assume you’re concerned with putting your energy out there to make connections so that people can be as one with music as the main thread. You want to make sure that everyone connects.

Do you suck? Don’t fucking say ‘kinda’, cause I wont invite you up here.

Here’s Foo Fighters bringing onstage a fan to play one of their songs. Dave Grohl, the singer asks the kid this. He’s making connections with the kid, “Kiss Guy” and ensuring that everyone can connect.

Almost twenty years ago, my wife and I were babysitting our friends baby. She was about 6 months old, I guess. Our friends went to a Green Day concert.

They came home with a similar story. As they tell it, the band solicited the crowd to find fans who could play one of their songs. They took some time and found people who could play bass, guitar, drums, and sing. They turned over all their instruments to these people, kids, probably who could play the respective instruments, and knew the song, but didn’t know each other.

My friends said it was the best concert experience they ever saw.

You may not like Foo Fighters, rock and roll, etc but Grohl’s laugh at 3:24 into that video is amazing. He forgets the lyrics to a song he’s written, and performed many times. What fun. I miss live performance so much. Here’s Grohl on The Day the Live Concert Returns. “Sonic Cathedral” indeed. I hope to see you all there.