I’ve been tinkering with the concept of the Highlight from the Time Dorks and just came across this post the other day from John Henry Muller.

I like the combination of ideas, and Muller’s simple text approach. I’ve modified it a bit. Maybe too much overhead?

I made a textExpander snippet to expand into the date and the format described in the today article. It looks like this…

If nothing else, today I am going to blank.  I am going to do this by blank then blank and then blank. If I do this, and only this, today will be a good day.

I use the fancy fill-ins> fields functionlity of textExpander, but that’s not that important. I mean I could just write that entire thing, right?

So then I move that to iaWriter, into a Journal folder, and add some other not as important tasks. I use this throughout the day.

The tech doesnt matter

I’m thinking of going back to edit this post to remove the TextExpander and specifc apps talk. The process of focusing is all that matters, and secondarily that the file is plain text and on the cloud, so I can edit it in any app, on any computer, anywhere where there’s internet. The rest is yak shaving, perhaps.

Work / home balance

I struggle with the day job, and all the other projects I have. Balancing them all out. This Highlight idea will help me focus, I hope. I purposley keep these things seperate in terms of technology.

With all that’s happening in the world at the moment, it’s a bit hard to focus and I’m working on that. I realize that it could be a lot worse for me. Trying to be mindful of that. Thinking through any challenge and writing about it helps me. Stay safe, stay home. We’ll get through this and dance in the streets when we can do so safely.