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Yesterday I was out of ideas and running out of time to get a post up to keep my streak going. I’m trying to blog once a day for the month of November as a part of microblogvember. I hastily posted a link to a marker I’m interested in (I’m a pen nerd). I felt like it was a cheap post, no real thought to it. After it posted I noticed I messed up the url so it wasn’t even clickable.

I thought that it was a bad post, adding no real value. Well surprise, someone contacted me saying that they like the pens too, and that they’d be willing to FaceTime me to chat about the pens. We two have an online relationshiop, so it’s not completely out of the blue.

However, it really does go to show the value of posting anything that is relevant to your interests. Someone else is out there with the same interests too.

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