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Chad’s Blog

If you’ve ever seen an improv show, you’ve likely heard one of the performers ask the crowd for a suggestion. This one word, or short phrase, is used to connect the performers to the audience and inspire scenes. Sometimes that word is not literally used in a scene, it’s really just a jumping off point. I’d thought I’d uses these microblogvember prompts to spark an idea for a scene each day.

We improvisors focus on the “who what where” of a scene to build a relationship betweenthe characters we are making up on the spot. So my responses will likely be a short post with a who what and where.


Son, if you draw all over your homework, the teacher wont be able to read it.

That’s my prompt and response for the day. If I were to start a scene with that offer, the relationship is pretty clear, as is the what, and the setting could be inferred.

I’ll keep doing this each day from the prompts.