Chad’s Blog

A couple of things surprised me last night before my first performance of improv for an audience. I was very nervous while commuting to the theatre. So much so that I serious considered turning around and not showing up. I made it through that self doubt, and got to the theatre. That’s a bit unlike me. I knew I’d be nervous, but to consider bailing out at the last minute was not like me.

The second surprise was that the nervousness just instantly disappeared when the show started. Our group “One size fits all” went on second. When the first group’s feet hit the stage all my tension and nervous energy simply disappeared. I’m sure it had something to do with the warmups we had as a full team (every performer who participated in the show) and as individual teams. My teacher, Tara had us do this really wonderful warmup she called Pulse. Standing in the wings of the stage, in near darkness we played a silent little game that really aligned us and built some real synchronization for us as a team.

But again, that drop was strange. That energy just went away and I couldn’t wait to take the stage. A friend referred to it as a roller coaster and it certainly had that feeling to me. I want more of it.