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I’m reading Why Buddhism is True which speaks to the meditation, mindfulness, and the ties from those centuries old practices to modern day cognitive behavioral therapy. Regarding Stoicism, I’m reading The Obstacle is the Way and it’s been eye opening with similar notes to the ties from ancient philosophies to modern world. The lesson I took the most from is Amor Fati. That’s loosely translated to the love of fate. No matter what obstacles, conflict, and challenges come my way I don’t simply need to bear them, but embrace them for the opportunities to grow and change that they present.

When there is conflict on team. Instead of hiding from it, ignoring it or escalating it, I’m practicing making it completely transparent for the team. I’m summarizing what I am hearing from the team members so I can recap each side of the argument in a way that hopefully transfers to the other side.

I’m asking things like “I’m hearing rephrase the issues, is this your understanding of the issue?” And “What can we do to ensure that each viewpoint is heard and we reach understanding?”

I remind myself to be in the moment with the conflict, and to see what opportunities lie within it. It’s simple but not easy.

Current Status: Opening and connecting.