The Five-Set

I suppose I’m starting a new series of posts. These will be based on the five things I’m ruminating on, practicing for work, parenting, some other aspects of my life. And for fun, of course!

I’m very interested in the overlap between these areas:

  • The Agile mindset, originally a way to develop software, now being practiced in other places
  • Performing Improv comedy, and how being in the moment and trusting your partners is paramount.
  • Mindfulness, as we in the West have been practicing it to reduce distractions and focus.
  • Stoicism, the ancient philosophy, not the modern “deny your feelings” BS that seems to be hanging around. I think that the philosophy was founded on understanding what is in your control and what is not, and how choose actions that are beneficial to yourself and others.
  • Visual Communication. How our stories and narratives combined with images allow humans to gain faster and deeper knowledge and empathy.

If each of these is an ellipse laid upon each other, the intersection is where I’m focusing as I study and act in each area. See the ABCDE section in the middle of the diagram. This is the Five-set as it’s known in a Venn diagram. Hence the name of this series of posts.

Chad Moore @cm