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A calendar for the Elephant, and the Rider.

As I was listening to the End the Time Management World. Start the Mind Management World episode of Kadavy’s Podcast, I was thinking of the classic Maker vs. Manager schedule conundrum. I have personally blocked off my own calendar for some “heads down” time. That has varying levels of success, based on your role, and company culture. When I worked in Client Services it rarely worked.

This got me to thinking, what if we were able to have a real “mind management” calendar tool? What if the software (with your permission, and definition of course) could monitor your time for a while. Then it could auto-populate your calendar with times that you are unavailable, because you are working and creating value. It’d have to send auto-responses during those times. You’d have to define those, and have some criteria to let a small group (loved ones) interrupt you or reroute them to a txt message, for example.

Most calendars I’ve used (including paper) are for the Rider, not the Elephant and they don’t pay attention to the Path. What if a mind management calendar could learn from your Elephant, see how you clear the Path (or should clear it), and let the Rider really have some say in all this?

What would that calendar tool look like?

Current Status: Opening and connecting.