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Unconditional love

Over the years, I have saved some writing prompts for journaling purposes. These come from all across the web and other resources. Today’s Journal prompt was:

What does unconditional love look like?

I wrote a bit about this in my journal. What I wrote there began to inform my thinking of the three minds.

I beleive unconditional love is the domain of the Raw self (I need to find better names for these). That’s the part of you that is connected to the rest of the people in the world, perhaps even the holy or divine. Or as the Jedi say, The Force. I think the Stoics call this The Logos. The Hindus call it The Lila. I may be combining ideas and terms here. Apologies, if so.

So our unconditional love comes from this well. It’s not tainted by the Monkey Mind or our own reason. It’s natural and everyone has it. I forget it and need to tap into it more often. The journaling, these posts and my efforts to draw more are helping.

Current Status: Opening and connecting.