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My three minds

Yesterday, I wrote about the I and the Self. I’ve expanded a bit on that thinking and feel like I missed a third mind in my original post. Let me clarify and introduce mind number three.

Mind number 1

The personality. What you’ve grown to like, your preferences. Your strengths, weaknesses and communication styles. You tastes, sense of humor. The self you describe when you meet people, the words you write on your social media bios. This is shaped by external forces, I believe. This is the mind that “witnesses” your life, as Pete Holmes says. Witness the life you are living with feeling and observation. It’s the I in the “I don’t like myself when …”.

Mind number 2

The raw self. The thing that is most connected to the Divine (however that resonates with you, God, life-force, creativity; you pick). The raw human well of creativity and connection. What takes over when you are in flow. Or meditate. Or are surrounded by nature. Or when you’re doing a repetitive physical task and you “lose yourself”. Connecting to this mind is what really creative people are good at.

Mind number 3

Introducing mind number three, the Monkey mind. The chatter from learned behavior. All of our self doubt and loathing. Delusions of grandeur. Etc. It’s the mind that is literally telling me right now that no one will ever read this, and if they do they’ll hate it, so why bother. This mind can be so unkind to ourselves.

I think that’s my current understanding of my three minds. There’s overlap and a shared space in consciousness. When I perform Improv, I need my personality mind and raw-self mind to collaborate to spark my own creativity, for example.

I don’t quite now how to end this post at the moment, but my monkey mind is screaming at me to go watch Stranger Things, Season 3. To go to a warm safe place that doesn’t require all this thinking and exploration as that is not safe. Monkey mind / lizard brian wins at this point. I’ll have more tomorrow.

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