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Lower than Erlich

Some slight spoilers for Silicon Valley below:

My wife and I were watching the episode where Erlich mansplains what mansplains means to Monica. Laughing, I turned to my wife and said “He just mansplained what mansplaining is!”. She said, “Yes, thanks for letting me know”.

I mansplained that Erlich was mansplaining what mansplaining is. I am lower than Erlich. I was laughing about the layers of comedy there, and was more “Omg, did you see that” vs. “Let me explain what that was to you, while you already know full well what it was”.

But, that’s not really an excuse. I apologized, and we moved on. I’m really sensitive to that kind of behavior, usually. I think I’ve always been empathetic, but it’s true: as my daughter grows up, I’m really paying more attention to this, and other behavior of men towards women.

I made a couple mistakes as a younger man, but they taught me to do the right thing when presented with a serious situation. No one told me how to behave, or deal with these things when I was a growing up. So, it’s also true that as my son gets older, I will be sure to give him the info he needs to be empathetic and treat people of all genders as equals.

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