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Ever since delicious shut down I’ve been missing a good web bookmark service. I recently heard of on lifehacker and thought I’d give it a try. I've been using Instapaper which is awesome for storing longer articles to read at a later time. While the saving and reading experience in Instapaper are top notch, it doesn't feel like a bookmarking service to me. Instapaper is for reading, and is for bookmarking sites I want to explore. is a very simple service, which I like. There's a browser extension for chrome and a bookmarklet. But there's a better way to get a page added to your list. You simple type in front of the url.

You can also add lists by typing their names too, so just put in front of he URL. This will add the bookmark to the myList list. Neat.

There is no social sharing, as there are a million ways to share links these days and just tweeting them seems to work best.

My one slight compalint on is that after creating the bookmark, it takes you to the bookmarks page. I think I'd rather it keep me on the page I just bookmarked.

While I did install the chrome extension, I've been playing with the typing functionality more. Which leads me to something else. I've set up a text expansion snippet in aText, a 5$ app. Text expansion snippets allow you to type something short, and have much longer (and formatted) text appear.
For example if I type ;bm the text '' is displayed. So all I have to do is type ;bm in front of the url I'm browsing to save the bookmark.

Does text expansion seem unnecessary? I thought so too at first. Then I tried it and I realized just how many times a day I was typing the same thing, again and again. Try a demo of a text expansion app (aText has a free demo and there are lot's of others for windows and mac alike) and just start with a snippet for your email address. If it makes sense to your brain, add more snippets.

Try it, you'll be surprised at A) how much time you save over the course of a day and B) how much stuff you can unload out of your mind so you can the big stuff into your thoughts.

I've got all my emails, phone numbers, signatures, and addresses as snippets. Also I have form letters, FAQ responses and a bunch of other things. It's a big time saver.

Here's a demo of the aText and functionality.

;hth aka Hope that helps.

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