2019 Week 14, Weeknotes #07

  • I’ve missed a couple weeks of Weeknotes. Bummer.
  • I started the Runners Alley Run Club. We meet Monday and Wednesday evenings to do a group couch to 5k sort of program. We’re prepping to run the Memorial Day 5k at Casco Brewery.
  • I missed the Armando performance which was the culmination of my level 201 Improv course with Stranger than Fiction. I had a fever and head-cold. I missed the performance at the end of 101 as well, as weather kept delaying it through the holidays. Anyway, I’m going to the jams as much as I can, and reading through the Upright Citizens Brigade book. I can’t make the next run of improv classes as I’m doing the run club, so I’ll have to wait for the summer run of classes. I should follow up to see what the schedule might be.
  • I missed my call with Bob, so we need to get the next one on the books ASAP.
Chad Moore @cm