• The place I posted my fiction
  • The place where I put up courses to help creative people
  • The website that I used as my coaching business
  • The place for my long form articles on creativity and technology
  • The website where I posted MacOS and iOS tips and had a newsletter to drive people to hire me as a consultant
  • The place where I posted tips and tricks to using a specific blogging platform
  • A website about improv comedy

But it’s really just been sitting there. Sometimes doing the above, in part but never in full. It’s not the websites fault. It’s mine. And really it’s not a fault. I’ve bitten off more than I could chew. I don’t have the time, energy, and/or attention needed to do any of the above full time. I’m becoming OK with that. I can tinker with any of the above, and more, and not have to make a major project out of it. Just be.

Sometimes, these items I’ve posted help people. That’s fantastic, and the reasons I’ve been writing these posts. I’m grateful to have helped someone get past a hurdle (technical or otherwise).

I’m letting the Where the Light Gathers domain expire, as I just need to close the door on this chapter. I’m letting go of all the things it could have been, and that’s a bit painful. But it’s for the best so I can close a mental loop and forgive myself for not doing all the above, full time.

I’ll move the posts from that site over to this blog at some point.