2019 Week 12, Weeknotes #06

  • I caught up with an old friend via email, and another via a call
  • We had dinner with friends at The Black Birch on Friday night- I’ll go back again
  • A big stressful week came to a good end
  • I’m off to a three day workshop for work. Its travel on short notice, which is always a challenge. The project sounds very interesting.
  • I picked up Digital Minimalism from the Library, I’ll crack it open when I get back in town
  • I saw Captain Marvel last weekend and liked it a bunch
  • I saw (most) of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse this morning. Will definitely give it another go when I can give it my full attention. It was fantastic, at first glance. Really strong poses, great action, vivid colors. It looked great.
Chad Moore @cm