2019 Week 09, Weeknotes #04

  • I was on vacation last week and spent really nice time with my immediate family and some friends.
  • In reflection of where I was in my life (common to vacation down time) was reminded of the The fisherman and the businessman and The five regrets of the dying.
  • Our family put together a 1000 piece puzzle from White Mountain Puzzles while on the break. That was a great way to exercise our minds, spend some time together and be away from the screens.
  • I’ve got to find the time and space to commit to the Mastermind call, as I can’t seem to make it stick. It’s important to me and a meeting I shouldn’t move.
  • In NHL news, the Islanders beat Toronto handedly this week. It’s the first time their former superstar who left for Toronto in free agency came to play at the Isles home arena. It was a crazy atmosphere. There’s so much backstory about this, the arena the team plays in (half the time). I’m just glad the Isles got the W. Points to make the playoffs are all that’s important.
Chad Moore @cm