2019 Week 08, Weeknotes #03

  • I signed up for the Runners Alley Run Club. It’s a 8 week program that meets twice a week. The goal is to prep for a 5k on memorial day weekend.
  • Improv class was cancelled due to the weather last Monday. I can’t make the class tomorrow, so I’m bummed to be missing out for a stretch. The next open jam is auction prep for the March 8th auditions. I’ve signed up to audition and I don’t think I am near enough to make it. But I figured I’d try this year to see how the process works. By the next audition, I should be better prepared.
  • Super excited for the Rhonecast. Patrick Rhone is someone who’s voice and words I’ve followed for a long time online. He’s so very insightful.
  • I started the audiobook of Theft of Swords: Riyria Revelations, Volume 1. I need to remember to look into switching from audible to Libro.fm. That service has DRM free content and shares profits with a local bookstore of your choosing.
  • I’ve been thinking about time. How I spend it. It’s the only thing we have no control of, and cannot generate ourselves. Therefore, on what should I apply my limited focus and attention? I’m having a hard time expressing myself, so I’ll keep noodling on this.
  • I’m on vacation this coming week and will be focused on spending time with the family, reading a couple books, putting the finishing touches on my MacOS App design (it’s almost done).
Chad Moore @cm