2019 Week 07, Weeknotes #02

  • Making good some good choices after last weeks rumpus. Looking forward to getting back into the running habit. I’m signing up for the Casco Brewery 5k.
  • Improv 201 started this week and its great to jump into the deeper aspects of performance.
  • The mastermind group with Bob is a great success for both of us. I’m appreciating the regular cadence and support from Bob.
  • I’m looking to do more experience design work, so this week I thought up of a MacOS app that will help me solve my own problems. I’ve been designing it this past week. I have a friend who may be able to commit to the development. I’ll know more on that this coming week. The app needs a visual design pass, and that I am ill equipped for. So I may solicit some others to help with that.
Chad Moore @cm