From somewhere on I came across a link to Alice Bartlett’s Weeknotes. Looks like it’s a weekly post of what she was thinking and experiencing over the past week. Looks like it’s a thing a bunch of people are doing on their own blogs too, and it looks like it fits in with whatever the hell it is I am doing here.

So, this is my first Weeknote. A bunch of stuff that happened last week:

  • I went to Boston for work on Thursday, and got to spend all day doing great work with a couple people at Mad*Pow that I wished I worked more often with.
  • I’m helping some friends kick off a new project, and they’re getting some good traction. I’ve been doing some web work, and providing some advice. It’s been fun. Once they’re ready to talk I’ll put up a link.
  • At Rigging Dojo I’m helping to build a system for people looking to hire Technical Artists. We get a lot of people asking us for to help them find freelancers, contractors and full time employees. We love playing matchmaker, but want to make the process a little more automated. More on that next week.
  • I’m watching Killing Eve, and I think it’s pretty great. The performances are fantastic.
  • I finished my (late) annual listen to the Gentleman Bastard Sequence on AudioBook. That’s my favorite fantasy series, hands-down, and the narrator is excellent. Can’t wait for book four, hopefully this year.
  • I hate the name Mastermind group, but I like the concept. I just started one this week with a very good friend. We’re just starting out and want to use the time to focus on our goals and hold each other accountable to them. He and I can talk for hours, as we’ve known each other since kindergarten, so we’ll need to use an agenda to keep us on-point and not talking about hockey or whatever.
  • I was pretty consistent with my Bullet Journaling efforts. I’m happy about this, and the weekly recap here is pulled from a lot of the notes in the notebook.
  • I didn’t do a lot of the work I wanted to do from the Napkin Academy, but made a little progress this week. The goals there are to “solve problems with pictures”. This kind of sketching really appeals to my Experience Design and Agile Scrum Master/Coach interests. My goal is to be 50% through the lessons by the next week.
  • I’m tinkering with this story I am writing, and was having issues trying to do too much with the protagonist and antagonist. I couldn’t figure out who’s story it was. Both have arcs, and there’s a central physical object that drives the story. Last night I thought of a solution. It’s neither of their stories, really. It’s the story of that physical object. It has a level of awareness and certainly has a goal. I’m rethinking it with that idea. I need to have my first draft next week for the Mastermind group I noted above.
  • I deleted my Facebook account a while ago, and am considering starting a newsletter to post the kind of things people usually post there. Like family stuff, which I don’t really post too much of on this site. I believe Jean MacDonald calls hers a “friendsletter”. I like that.
  • I signed up for Improv 201, and can’t wait to get to practicing and learning more.
  • I just found this app called Slowly that looks like a way to find and write to pen pals. Interesting.