Chad’s Blog

On the first Thursday of each month, there’s an open Jam. It’s a great way to see and practice Improv for people of all levels. For example, I’m a newbie. I completed the 101 level course in the fall, and this was my fourth or fifth Jam. There are cast members from Stranger Than Fiction (the fine folks who run classes and jams in New Hampshire & Southern Maine) who have been acting for years, maybe decades. As well as some people who never have done Improv before. It’s a great mix.

There were 28 people in attendance, this is easily twice as many as the previous jams. Maybe it’s a sign of growth in Improv across the region. Maybe it’s people working on doing something in regard to new years resolutions. Either way it was crazy and great to have that many people. We worked together in a large group for some exercises, and broke out into two smaller groups for others.

I’m not the first one to notice this, but falling out of a rhythm takes it’s toll. I certainly regressed. I asked some questions (you’re not supposed to ask questions in some games), and I wasn’t 100% mindful of being in the moment. Looking forward to practicing and taking the 201 when it opens up in the late winter.

I’d like to see if there’s a small group of people who would want to practice more, but finding people and a space may be difficult. I’ll ask around at the courses/jams. I think I might know of a space.

Current Status: Opening and connecting.