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FOMO is the Fear Of Missing Out. FOMO motivates me to stay in-the-know but adds to the endless stream of information input.

Maybe I’m getting too old to keep up. Maybe it’s all too much for me to process and I can’t prioritize properly.

I recently heard the term JOMO. That’s the Joy Of Missing Out.

JOMO reduces my stress, keeps me off of platforms I have philosophical & ethical problems with, and has another benefit.

JOMO helps me hear stories. It does put an onus on the people in my life when I hear about something I find of interest. Since I ask them to inform me, they have to tell me a story. I think getting a story from those that are closest to me is a good thing. We have a chance to talk and communicate in a better way than a ‘like’.

A less frequent, but a deeper connection.

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