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Radical Candor is Bullshit, except when it's not

Hearing a lot about Radical Candor as a communication/Management technique. I think it’s bullshit, except when it’s not. I fear too many people are going to use it as a tool to provide unhelpful feedback.

Feedback is best served in context. That context is based on the performance you are evaluating, the people involved, and the openness to addressing performance at the moment.

This article states that a manager said this to an employee:

“Kim, when you say ‘ummm’ every third word, it makes you sound insecure and stupid.”

Then proceeds to say “this feedback was both caring and direct”. I’m calling bullshit.

Maybe I biasing this on my own feelings and insecurities but if my manager (or anyone) said “I sound stupid” I would not be in a place to hear constructive feedback.

Shields Up, Attack incoming!

But, maybe, the people involved in that article knew each other’s motivations, strengths and the kinds of feedback that pushes the person towards success.

Maybe it’s not bullshit.

The point is to use what you know about the persons strengths and drivers to craft the message in order to make change possible.